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  • Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it! I'm really trying to give as full an experience as I can for my readers, especially with all the OCs and new Pokemon ^^;
    Eagle is Eagle Scout, as in Boy Scouts. I passed the review for it months ago, but only just had my ceremony.
    Maybe this'll be my lucky year. I helped create the awards, yet I've only ever won an honorable mention before.

    Got my Eagle a few weeks back, for one. Just finished my AP tests for another. That was a loooong week.
    Thnaks! It's been pretty fun to write, and people seem to like it. I'm thinking of entering it in the next awards, try my luck.

    School always gets out in June here, idk about other places. Biology for sure, that's my strength. I'm hoping to focus on Cnidaria (jellyfish, coral, etc.).
    I've gotten back into fanfic recently, myself. Started up a new fic and everything. Seems to be getting reasonably good reception.

    Haven't quite graduated. That happens on June 7. Looking at community college for a while, then TSU or someplace for a marine science degree.
    Yup. Need you to fill in some blanks in dialogue for that very reason!! The sooner, the better, since next chapter is like, almost ready to go aside from that.
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