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  • I had an idea of a pokemon spin-off racing game called PokeKart. The first PokeKart game will come out on the 3DS. It might have 35 playable characters. The main menu screen Single player Racing League The Racing League is where racing badges are earned, new items, courses and playable characters can be unlocked. Time trial In this mode you can beat your previous records and try to beat other people's records with the 3DS's spotpass. Missions In missions you can get more unlock-able content. Multiplayer Local 2-8 players. local battle 2-6 players. battle in karts Online multiplayer 2-16 players. Hall of fame Options

    The controls on the 3DS might be like this

    A= Accelerate
    B= Brake
    D-pad/circle pad= staring
    R= drifting
    L= Use Item

    what do you think of my idea?
    Please help me by contributing new ideas to help make PokeRace a reality!
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