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  • Hiiii~ As soon as you see this, could you PM me mlouden's park stuff for his run? I'm taking over for you since you're busy & stuffs. :3 Thank you! <3 (Also, you can PM me here or on PWN; either one's fine. As long as I get the stuff. xD)
    I'm on now if you wanna come on now~ & I should be around till probably 2am-ish EST. :)
    Happy 25th birthdaqy! That's the closest I could get to spelling "birthday" with my right elbow. Pretty good, huh?
    Oh damn, forgot your birthday was the day before mine. Happy birthday! Hope it was/is a good day.
    Ah, I was mostly saying it in case you ever wanted to talk since I very rarely go on AIM now. In fact I don't even have AIM downloaded on this computer.
    I decided Botanical Gardens and taking my Venusaur Name: Venusaur
    Gender: Female
    Battles: 13
    Technical Machines: Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Roar, Bulldoze, Toxic
    Egg/Tutor Moves: Leaf Storm, Outrage
    Ability: Overgrow
    Princess Crow - National Park Sign Up

    Posted here because AIM's spazzing and I can't send IM's but can see them
    Nah. If I wasn't worth doing 25k of trade bait for that Seadra, I wouldn't here.
    Still looking for help! I'VE BECOME SO AWFULLY TIRED

    But really, I like grading! It helps me become a better writer if I read/analyze the stories of others.
    I could move Krystal as well, but I'd probably just make a secondary character. It would be weird to play out the same things here as PE2K, though I suppose if this forum is less active than PE2K, it might be better to move Krystal there anyways since this forum's RP wouldn't really be going anywhere.

    Yeah, I hope we get a few more people here as well. Last I checked TPW had no replies x____x.

    I suppose I can always whip up another character for here and PE2K if it comes down to it, so at least we have groups of maybe 5-6 for Zo to terrorize :3.

    Oh hey, about the cell phone for the RP, it can't get online or make/receive calls, but you can send/receive texts, and apps on it will still work if it's like a smartphone. Also, the battery will never lose power :p.

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