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  • Well, that depends on which profile I'm using: In my second profile, I'm only HR 4, but in my main one I'm HR 200-and-something.

    So, shall we arrange a time? :)
    Yup! It's on the DS and Playstation consoles. It's similar to Fire Emblem in that it's a turn based RPG with a lot of different characters and the decisions are all up to the player.

    Hey that's great! I really need to get a new laptop myself, particularly since college is starting soon for me. Hope you enjoy your new Macbook man!

    Unfortunately I don't watch it, sorry :/ I would love to get into the series though! It seems quite interesting, especially considering sci-fi is my favorite entertainment genre. I'd still love to see your signature though :)
    That's good to hear :) Ah yes, I've heard many great things about that game as well. Have you tried the multiplayer yet?

    I've been good. Finished the last of my exams recently so now I had a lot of free time to play games. I am trying out the Shin Megami Tensei series, Silent Hill, and Valkyria Chronicles. As well as playing old favorites like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Mass Effect.
    And for the future I deeply apologize for this but it's best whenever you need to reach me to pm me I don't get notifications for my vms only pms.
    And let me give you something else in exchange on top of the Mew. I insist :)
    Sorry, can't find which game one of the Pokemon I was going to trade is still on.. thought I transferred everything. Bear with me please. I'll give you an extra something for the wait~!
    Hey :) You wanted Aura Mew, right? I can trade now. Doing two other trades first though so once I finish those I'll be ready!
    I'm GMT -5.
    At GMT-0 times, I'm available from now-2am tomorrow.

    Or my time it's now (4:06pm-9pm)
    No need to trouble yourself with that! I do think I have one already but appreciate the offer. :)
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