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Akira Bond
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  • I have a pretty flexible schedule honestly. But I'm usually awake around 9 am daily, and I check in every few hours. Oh and my timezone is Eastern as well.
    Ah good old Yugioh, a favorite of mine. Did you think of it any differently than when you first watched it?
    Yeah, I can understand that. I haven't had much free time either. In fact Korra has been one of the few shows I even have time for nowadays, and likewise with Pokemon on the gaming side. Hopefully I will have some time to watch all the anime on my "watch list" in the summer though. But it's a shame to hear about the Hell Girl release thing. And what country is that, if you don't mind me asking?

    By the way, it's a bit late but Happy New Year!
    Hm, maybe nothing happened because that's the only way Nickelodeon would allow it. Either way, the Korrasami shippers won in the end haha. All the other ships didn't get much of a conclusion though.
    And yeah, that was a classic Varrick-style proposal. On that note, I still don't understand why Zhu Li would keep that part for the spirit weapon on here back in episode 10 if she knew that Kuvira was an veteran metal bender. Just chuck the damn thing!

    Do you watch any other shows or anime by the way?
    Hopefully! I still have to read TLA ones xD Oh and I just realized, since Korra brought back the air nation, the title of "The Last Airbender" seems sort of void now doesn't it? Ahaha.

    I enjoyed it, but to me it seemed more like a season finale than a series (and possibly franchise) finale. I was expected some previous villains, the old team avatar, or at least Aang to make an appearance. I was also hoping to see an epic clash between Kuvira's whole army and team avatar, but the episode was primarily only focused on destroying the mecha (which I have mixed feelings about too). It's just, I wanted the Legend of Korra to end off with a bigger, more memorable "legend."

    I am personally indifferent to it, but yeah that seems to be the most heated topic of discussion regarding the finale. Even more so now that the creators have officially confirmed the Korrasami intention. I am surprised though that Nickelodeon would be okay with that.
    Hey, how are you doing? We haven't talked in a while.
    So, it's finally all over. What did you think of the finale? I personally had a lot of mixed feelings about it, but if I had to sum it up I would say that it was disappointing compared to TLA finale.
    Hey hey, thanks for pointing out Homer's "D'oh!" moment. Whether he apologizes is another matter, but he's liked your post so I'm going to assume he acknowledges his mistake.
    I was worried that the "mission to find the Avatar" was going to be a waste of precious episode spots, but I'm glad that it only lasted one episode. Looks like Korra is officially back. On with the main plot!

    Toph fulfilled her role nicely, and she even showed us that she still has tons of fight left in her after all these years
    It would be awesome to see them merge the previous plot lines together, but I'm not sure how that would work, since the previous plot have been resolved for the most part, so it might be a bit redundant to have them reappear again. The creators better approach it carefully, but I'm excited to see what they come up with!

    What did you think of episode 2 (and probably episode 3 by the time you read this)? I didn't care much for Korra's situation but I'm definitely interested in Toph's appearance and what role she will have to play. Hopefully it's not just one of passive advice like Iroh; I want to see her in action again.
    I do think there will be another antagonist, as there have been at least 2 in each of the previous seasons so far. I too hope they find a way to tie everything together with this final season, and end off with a legend worthy of the series' title. Though what do you mean 4 separate series?
    Whooh, ok, so I found out why I'm so sick. My appendix may be about to burst. Does appendix removal hurt?
    If you have a spare 3DS, I can teach you via PM's. It's simple once you get the hang of it, and super convinient if you want extras of rare items or pokemon.
    This is ironic, but right after I got over that cold, last night... let's just say I was "violently ill at 2 in the morning" to keep visuals out of heads. and it may take me a bit to clone, as my brother is being stingy with his DS (To be fair, I did provoke him) If you know how to clone, I could lend you the ditto so you can clone it yourself, though!
    Ummm, that probably wasn't me (At 6:30 I was sleeping on the bus) I truly am sorry that I haven't had a chance to get things organized, but with school, family, and everyday activities, I'm finding it harder and harder to have time to clone and such. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm a bad trader, or I just don't care, but I just started high school, and I'm struggling to stay afloat. Sorry if this is a major inconvenience.
    Damn, Kuvira is like the Bismarck of LoK. I was right about my suspicions that the plot would center around the divided Earth Kingdom. Great first episode!
    Nah, just a stomach bug. But it also means I'm behind on my AP Gov project, so I'll be busy the next few days. If I have time, I'll squeeze in some cloning, otherwise, plan on trading on saturday. Sorry if this makes me look untrustworthy, or procrastinating, but this is really important.
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