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  • So, using my newly-acquired Admin CP powers, I looked at your sig myself and saw that you had indeed coded my banner twice into your signature. Once as [noparse]
    Yeah I suppose you're right -- keep the subjects happy, of course.

    Don't want another skywalker-type thing on your hands >>
    Hey, I was wondering could you remove BW: Journey Through Unova from the Review Exchange list and replace it with my new story called Welcome to Our World
    *looks at long list of unanswered VMs" ... o_O

    Well, I can't really... draw anything. I might be able to vector some though.
    Ah, I generally don't use Skype. But my address is absolute anime admirer without the spaces in between (don't judge me -- I made it when I was like, 10, or something!) if you want to add me regardless.

    So how've you been lately?
    Yeah, I don't the the whole glamour of Facebook, but it's basically the only way to get in contact with my friends these days, so I decided to create one.
    Once I get a decent photo of me I'll send it over to you, then. How does that sound?

    Also, what's your IM address?
    The form of dance I do doesn't have really flash costumes, nor do we have professional photographers coming in to take photos of us.
    But I guess you can. Do you have Facebook? I'd rather give you my profile link in private rather than post pictures up here... to be honest I dislike having photos taken of myself. xD
    That sounds really interesting. I hope you get the job. I've always heard about rotary clubs here in Australia, though I've never really bothered to look into it. I probably will soon after exams are over.

    And I mean dance, and in dancing? Dance classes and performances/concerts and such. :p Not clubbing or balls or anything like that; I don't really engage in that kind of thing. ^^;
    W-what kind of ruler are you, forgetting the names of the servants who treat and serve you well!

    Oh my goodness, same here! My exams have been going for about a month now... I have my last exam next Wednesday; though I don't have "finals" now, as we finish out schooling years in December over here.

    Oh, those organisations that aim to help people... with all those high-class business people holding conferences and such? Probably a vague description, but I'm really tired atm. XD

    And I know what you mean, I've barely done anything artistic lately. Luckily I've managed to stay off coffee, but I always have to wolf down scorching hot tea to wake me up in the mornings now.

    I've been tired, stressed. Just getting through dance and school. I just want the holidays to come so that I can hibernate.
    My liege! I apologise greatly for my disappearance.
    How have you been, almighty one?
    I proffer my grains and monthly harvest in repentance.
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