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Recent content by Aladar

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    Preffered Writing Style?

    In general I am a strong advocate for using 3rd person from a single character's perspective, preferably changing only with a new chapter. Maybe after a line break. IMO it's the best of both worlds. The readers aren't crammed into "being" the characters, but still get to see he world through...
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    POPULAR: Need a Name Thread

    So it seems I am leaning towards writing a Trainer School fic, which means I need enough names to fill up a class. Actually I have come up with most of them, but there are still some I am unsure whether they are the optimal choice and I would like you guys to share your opinion and maybe suggest...
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    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Need help deciding- school fic or historical journey fic So, uhm, hi to everyone I guess. Technically new guy, because I figure there are few, if any, people around from the time I was active on the forums. Although a few names do seem familiar :) Anyway, on BMGf was where I started 'writing'...
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    Writer's Workshop Spring Awards 2012 Voting Thread

    A little late but, congrats, you guys! And as the judge for the Non-Pokémon category, I'd like to say I'm happy there are still good authors branching out outside of the forums' leading franchise.
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Well, I'm also finished with my judging (Non-Pokémon/Crossover category). And the winner is...
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    Capitalization Rules for Pokemon? (Discussion Topic)

    Re: Capitalisation of Pokemon names Personally, I always capitalize them. They're capitalized in all official works so I think that's big enough of a clue that that's how it's meant to be. Pokémon and all various species aren't really a natural part of any language so it isn't mandatory that...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Just like with the samurai period idea, I think just about anything can be pulled off if Pokémon are incorporated realistically into the fic.
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    And yet another idea about a Pokémon fic just popped up in my brain yesterday after I watched some trailers about that Pokémon crossover game. Wouldn't a Pokémon fic taking place during that period (samurai/shoguns/every other Warring States trope you can come up with) be interesting to read? It...
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    Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die

    Believe in yourself who believes in you! Otherwise it gets all confusing and stuff...
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    Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die

    Pff, come on, guys. I understand you can be a tad skeptical because of the date but it's just a coincidence. What, you're also going to say Game of Thrones S02 doesn't start today, too? Again, pfft.
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    Music What song is stuck in your head right now?

    Florence and The Machine- Seven Devils A Lava cookie if anyone guesses why. xD
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    Been Thinking...

    Speaking in general, IMO the core of the problem is that many authors, on both sides of the experience scale, are afraid of their characters being labeled Mary/Gary Stus, so they make their characters a tad too identical to an average person. For example, while having the main character...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    The whole thing is still in the planning stage and there's a bit of a problem... First of all, traveling companions. Should I or shouldn't I include them? And the bigger problems is, who should they be? I don't quite want to go with OCs here, so who should I use? Not enough NPC in Hoenn that...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Yo, people. Since I haven't written anything Pokémon since.. uhm, forever I'm thinking of starting a new journey fic. Y'see the first games I ever played were the 3rd gen ones, so I think that if I've to pick, I'd place it in Hoenn. Also, I've always thought that the 3rd gen had a secretly...
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    Your Writer's Workshop 2012 Winter Award Winners! [Overall Winners Announced!]

    Re: Your Writer's Workshop 2012 Winter Award Winners! Congrats to all the winners!