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  • Cool. I daydream a lot, too. LOL, who needs talk about books when you can have action about card games? Yeah, and even build a deck for that matter. Yeah, they deserve it.

    Yeah, Mewtwo's cool like that.

    Same here :b . Not sure on the order ATM. Maybe Yuzu, Yuya, Shingo, Reigi. But then again, we still haven't seen much of them. Yeah, I can definitely see the resemblance. I know. It's almost surreal. Okay, but am I the only one that is shipping ShingoxReigi so hard XD ?! Also ShingoxYuya.

    Same here. They are the ships of all ships. Or maybe Vector XD . I really Hope I see a ZeXual cosplayer someday. I'd love to hug them.

    Yeah! It's funny, I think I have at least 2 other favorite characters who are tough girls with pink hair XD .
    I keep forgetting the CEO part. Nah, Ishijima is a pretty different guy. I can't connect him to Durbe in any way... Gilag maybe!
    Do you believe that Yuya and Reiji will become a power duo?
    xD You forget these things easily, anyway happy Easter.
    Yugioh has gone that way extra-much since GX, and nowadays it's almost impossible to play non-archetype decks in the actual game!
    ... I miss those pre-Synchro days where you just threw 20 nice Effect Monsters in the Deck for game.
    Well, he is the Dueling Champion... I was expecting him Jack Atlas-like but whatever.
    I definitely can! Not Joey, but IV.
    LOL, I laughed so much at sausage-fest!
    ... I have not watched ARC-V ep 3, because Easter. Anyways, did you have a nice Easter? I am not even sure if you celebrate it...
    Hm... Entermates are an interesting archetype though. But I guess you were talking about Mozart?
    Thanks :) . Well, to help with my not having much time or energy to write, I just wrote some un-edited poetry in a little journal, which I'm planning on using for poems, story concepts, and thoughts. Yeah, my lame school only has a Magic: The Gathering club, which I guess is better than nothing. Yeah, card games need more respect >:< ! I pity animators, storyboarders, and manga artists :( .

    Aw naw, man! Mewtwo just gettin' warmed up! That's all!

    I so happy ;-; . Same here XD . He's got the combo of being cocky, cunning, and a little bit crazy :p . The hilarious thing is that Reiji's voice is the voice of IV XD .

    Oh, they were involved faaaar before ZeXal ended ;) . Actually Companionshipping might be my OT3, as it's Sharkbait + Keyshipping, my two main OTPs, but I didn't even know there was a name for it XD . 2manyfeels4me. It will haunt me forever.

    Thank you :D ! Glad ya appreciate 'em ^-^ ! Yuzu is so boss.
    ...Or maybe use my ideas as comics... IDK. Yeah, I'm not very sure either. That's too bad. School definitely does hold back one's artistic talents :( . My school pretty much totally disregards arts and free time, 'cause of stoopid college-prep stuff. It's like the sword-in-stone thing. Whoever can draw the hair correctly is a chosen one.

    But Mewtwo owns Charizard!


    OT3, MOTHAFLIPPERS >:D !!! Yeah, it wouldn't have been too bad even if she just didn't have much of an active role, but to also have no focus besides cheering for Yuma was kinda disappointing. TAKE A LOOK @ MAH BROKEN HEART AND TELL MEH! I need it ta happen! Although in the theater watching BBT I came in late since I stopped for cupcakes on impulse before getting there, and when Marik was in the recap, the guy sitting cosplaying him, who was in front of me in the theater, who I hadn't noticed in the dark, stood up, and I got really freaked out XD .
    I don't really see any expies, yet. I doubt Strong Ishijima is one.
    So true! :))
    Same. Although I liked ZEXAL more and would like to see more ARC-V to decide.
    Indeed, they will run out of ideas and go that way xD
    Yeah, I'm Hoping to do writing on a TV show or something when I'm older. Nice! Really? I'm enjoying it rather nicely XD ? I hate drawing Yu-Gi-Oh! characters' hair XD .

    It has a bond with me! That alone should make it teh superior Pokemon!

    Of course; what else would I do with my time XD ? *Takes a bow.*

    Sharkbait FTW. Yeah, I think characters like Akiza, and even Asuka had good chemistry with the leads. Kotori was never on equal ground with Yuma, though. But it's the most awful thing in the world! I would be so happy I'd die.
    I don't know about said expy yet. I hope he would be...
    Exactly. This is why I am worried he may stay alone.
    I definitely liked it! This is good, it seems! I will try to watch around now.
    Indeed. You never know what will they pull off.
    Oh, that was a criterion I have not thought of before :))
    Yeah... who should he get shipped with, then?
    I have not yet found the time for the new episode :(( Maybe later today.
    I prefer two versions, but their names are weird... dunno.
    Those are some cool ones! I just had to pick one, I guess.
    He indeed does... I can see Durbe being homo, but Nasch... not really :))
    Oh, is it announced that there will be Fusions Synchros and Xyzs in it?
    Exactly. They are definitely going to release more Gen 6 games.
    I'm still starstruck over it X3 ! Mainly fiction (occasionally poetry). I like action, horror, and sci-fi stuff. Writing's awesome :) . Most people's break's in a week, too, I think. Thanks :p .

    Naw, man, Mewtwo and I've got somethin' special ;-; !!

    I'll try ta be strong. Strong for mother Yuma. ...I only have ears for Vecty, apparently....Or should you say... Tachy? *Ba dum tss.*[/s]

    I think Yuma's gotten things much closer to "I love you"s, but they're disregarded because they're said by male characters. Honestly, he has great chemistry with a guys like Astral, Alit, Shark, etc. XD . A lot o' crying/moping around XD . Perfection XD . I really want ZeXal ta get a movie.
    Hard to pick... the whole Bakura thing was interesting, all of the Bakuras I guess.
    Same, I guess. I believe he loves Merag more...
    ... but, aren't Pendulums going to be the classic type of Summon we are going to see in EVERY. SINGLE. DUEL. like Synchro and Xyz before it? xD
    Yeah. And Bulbanews states clearly "this article is a hoax". wait, I am talking about Bulbanews to a Serebiist, what I am doing
    Ιndeed... think of Mai Valentine and Tea Gardner :))
    I don't do much YGO shipping, although some could work. Durbe should be more unhappy!
    I want to believe they will be a bit more conservative, but you never know...
    I read it. It definitely is!
    One of my writing idols also gave me advice and expressed interest in my work 8') ! Sounds neat! I'll check it out over Spring Break! Wow, I like 'em :O ! I need to improve my drawing skills.

    NAW, MAN ;-; ! MEWTWO 5EVA!!!!!

    I'm so afraid XD ! I don't think I can take much more emotional turmoil XD . I know XD . I'm kinda infatuated with how his dub self talks in Barian form (I find it funny how both Japanese and dub Vector have changes in voice between their Barian and human forms) XD . You can say that again XD . Such a nerd.

    I'm ashamed to say that people being all like "Kotori confessed her love," pissed me off a lot. She literally just told him she loved his smile, too, after Astral had said he really loved his smile. And the Yuma blushing thing? Did they know what Yuma was thinking? No. I get flustered when people compliment me. *Broods in corner.* My mom's banned me from watching Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff multiple times because she's worried about how much it impacts my life XD . I was trying not to read to much into the choking thing XD . It's such a classic "stay away from my little sister" thing XD .
    She was a minor character to begin with :((
    Well, we had a Vector x Merag scene in the end, it was not bad xD
    True. Arc-V's gonna do it by Episode 2 already!!!
    Not really! I have to check, sounds interesting!!!
    <3 :p . It was amazing. SOO MANY NERDS. Wow, cool! What's the fanfic 'bout? Ooh, original characters?

    Oh, neat! Mewtwo is teh most boss Pokemon, and that's one thing that's neva gon' change!

    *Dead Inside by Mudvayne starts playing.* It's gonna take me a lifetime to get over it XD . But he's also kinda a total dork in the dub, too XD . *Gentle weeping.*

    That was pretty sweet. Good to know I'm not alone on that XD . I mean seriously, every few minutes for weeks I'd think about it and start tearing up! It completely broke me! UM IT WOULD BE WEIRD IF YOU DIDN'T AFTER THEM AWKWARDLY TEASING AND MAKING BEDROOM EYES AT EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF EVERYONE MOTHER OF LORD XD !!
    Yes. It was some good balance, I think.
    ... in all honesty, what else could have hapenned to take the time for one episode?
    He will rewrite 3 cards on Episode 1! Imagine what he will do around 100 xD Get ready for lots of asspull :))
    You are playing a joke on me, right? xD Thanks.
    Shark ofc. He was more important to the plot anyway.
    Indeed, it was better than I expected it to be.
    Wow, that would be a great ass-pulling moment! xD
    Allright, same! Happy April Fool's Day! May I ask how you do celebrate it on Serebii? xD
    I MISSED CHATTING WITH YOU TOO :O !! Well, a couple days ago I went ta Comicon :D !! How about you?

    That'll help. I can't wait!! IT SHALL NEVA HOLD A CANDLE TA MEWTWO :< !

    I totally thought he was gonna. The end of Kill la Kill made my ZeXal feelings worse, though. His voice is too beautiful, as well as his dub lines XD . Don't hurt teh nerd's feels!

    Yeah, it was pretty fricked up. Those killed me. Vector's death scene had me crying about it for weeks.
    That Duel between them, which is the only one, was pretty lackluster :))
    Dunno, flawed logic! xD
    I know...
    They are an interesting mechanic, in-game it may probably be broken, in the anime dunno yet.
    I now have to go to bed, sorry. Have a nice day!
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