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  • Hey there, are you able to battle today? If you are still not feeling well and cannot at the moment, that is fine. Just let me know.
    Nah, I'm good now, I was just trying to build something decent (to no avail)
    Ah okay! I just woke up, and I have something I need to attend to roughly an hour and a half from now, but starting at noon my time (should be 7 PM your time, I believe) I can battle.
    I'm online
    We shud! Lol i'll be on showdown throughout the week 4pm - 12 midnight PST time. I'm usually in the Anime & Manga, MOBA, OU, Art, The Studio, and the Bulbagarden Room. 'MarikaBestGirl' is thy username~ and so yeah~! I might be afk, but just leave a mssg or something, most likely ill respond sooner or later.
    n perhaps do u have a specific time u go on?
    Yeah, 4 - 7 pm your time, these are the only acceptable times for me to battle (that's 11 pm - 2 am for me)
    Cool cool, I'll be on most alert those times. Welp, till then then~!
    n i think we both missed each other today lol
    Okay, Iäm in the Bulbagarden room
    I like mine Rare, w/ a side of Baked Potatoes and some Steam Veggies~
    Add a real nice cold Coke to that, oh bby~!
    I see. I'm sure you will make a great legal counsel man! :)
    I bet that must require many years of studying, and more importantly, experience, am I correct?
    Whoa there's a whole course for that? xD Sounds intriguing though! So do you want to become a diplomatic economist or something?
    Ah Sweden's a cool place! What's investment arbitration though? Something to do with finances/accounting/business I presume?
    Hey Alexey, are you still on Showdown? I'm checked in on VGC, OU, and the lobby if you find me there: sharkshocker.

    EDIT: I'll be out for dinner but I'll keep myself on Showdown in the VGC room when I get back.
    Welcome back! *\(^o^)/*

    We'll keep our eyes peeled for each other and we can do the match over at Showdown. I'll also be on Skype when I'm free so you can poke me there...good luck to us both!
    Hey Alexey, just poking you again to see when we can do our VGC battle. Just let me know what's a good time for you and I should be able to accommodate.
    Hey Alexey, I should be available for the next 24 hours or so, so if you're available to do the tourney battle just give me a shout :)
    Looks like it's you and me on the 2nd round of the BBL bracket tourney!

    Unfortunately I can't battle until Friday because of exams, or if we catch each other in an weird time (it's 2 AM here for me at the moment) I'll try to shoot you a message. Good luck to us both!
    *Forgets about the tournament* *Remembers it again*

    Hai. I say we just try and catch each other online or something...
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