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  • I always imagined Russia and Eastern Europe has not having many of the luxuries of the west. I apologize for my Cold War mentality. I just thought of Russia not having video games or it being exceedingly difficult to get them. This is why the internet is a gift. Now I know.

    Question 4: Have you ever been outside of Russia before?
    I think this year makes 90 years since he died. If you guys wanted to overthrow the monarchy you should've replaced it with democracy. I honestly annoys me when I read about that part of history. Can't do anything now. *shrugs*

    You basically answered my question.

    Question 3: Is there a lot of exposure to Western media like music and video games in Russia? Also, do many people there know English?
    That's good to know. I feel slightly safer visiting now. I mainly want to see Lenin's body. Is that weird?

    Question 3: Are most people in Russia still communist or sympathize with communism?
    What I gathered is that Russian Society itself is responsible for the problems and not Putin's "corruption". I have a lot more questions to ask to please bear with me.

    Question 2: Is racism a serious problem? I'm half black and I'd love to visit, but I saw a documentary about how black people are randomly assaulted. Is this true?
    This is the first time I've met a Russian person online. Is Putin as bad as the media makes him out to be?
    Well, once you get ten posts, you can blog, PM, and do many other things. ^_^

    If Russian is like English in the way that there are thousands of words, you can't learn very much in a year. XD
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