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Here only sometimes, from London

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May 15, 2018
    1. Max1996
      Wow. Long time no see!
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      2. Max1996
        Yeah. As for my username being different, it's an October thing in F&G. Check it out.
        Oct 10, 2017
      3. Vulpix037
        I don't remember you O_o
        Oct 10, 2017
      4. Max1996
        Well, he hasn't been on in a while. I think it was before you came here, Shedinja.
        Oct 11, 2017
    2. Vulpix037
    3. Tactician Karina
      Tactician Karina
      Happy Birthday~
    4. Sword Master
      Sword Master
      Happy Birthday ;)
    5. Poke.
      My friend, silly is an understatement. I felt absolute rage.
      Also, no offense taken.
    6. Poke.
      Guess what? I gave him ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He completely forgot about it!
    7. Poke.
      Not to mention, Brevon does it (SPOILERZ) in front of the King's own son, Prince Dail, then takes Dail by his throat, then brainwashes him in a very excruciating manner.
      Yeah, this game gets pretty dark. But the darkness is slightly separated by some lighthearted scenes like Milla wanting to touch Lilac's hair tendrils when they meet, or the Sushi Scene after Fortune Night.
    8. Poke.
      I did see it. Of course, the entire intro is a bit of a parody, as is the entire game, but it does its job, and sets the mood for the game (especially late-game, where things REALLY get crazy.)
    9. Poke.
      Wow, never thought you would be so excited about this news!
      Anyways, I posted that vid over on the FP Forums, so thanks for sharing that video with me!
    10. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      That's really interesting, didn't know that. Also, that whole video was awesome, helped me bone up on some FE:if stuff I didn't know before. And that whole "don't restart when you lose a character" idea for Awakening actually seems pretty interesting, I'm gonna have to try that.
      It doesn't relate to other games? Eh, well it'll still probably be fun either way.
      I don't know much about FE:if characters (or much about it at all), so I wouldn't know who you're talking about. But as many characters as they've revealed so far, there's probably plenty more, so if you're not interested in the currently known ones, there's probably (hopefully) gonna be some really cool ones who will get your attention. *secretly hopes for another yandere stalker*
    11. returnofmastercrazyhand
    12. returnofmastercrazyhand
      also, new mystery of the emblem's fan translation is perfect, and it introduced a lot of the features in awakening, so I recommend it.
    13. returnofmastercrazyhand
      hey alex, what's your 3ds friend code? because I want to smash and battle from time to time.
    14. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      I'm kinda upset that they're removing weapon durability (that and permanent death are like the main things that make Fire Emblem Fire Emblem) and adding all these weird mechanics to weapons, but other than that, I'm really interested. I'm curious to how it ties in with other games, and I also wanna try that My Castle thing, it looks fun. Also hoping for some awesome characters to S-Support with, I really enjoyed a lot of the characters in Awakening.
    15. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Oh wow, that's a lot.
      Do you enjoy talking about FE?
    16. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Did you use any of the DLC missions?
    17. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Ah, interesting. As I said, my first avy married Aversa. My second and current playthrough is with the girl avy, and I'm not sure who I want her to marry. Of the guys I really love Gaius and Henry, but there are a few others I'm interested in as well. Why did you marry Miriel and Chrom on your first playthroughs?
    18. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Who did your Avatar marry?
    19. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Hmm... There's so many characters I love. Maybe Sully, Nowi, or Henry. Or Aversa, I had my dude marry Aversa.
      How about you, who's your favourite?
    20. Pain Split
      Pain Split
      Neither do I! The only other FE game I've played is Path of Radiance and not even much of that.
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