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  • Hey man. I figure you'll get this when you pop back in.

    I'll probably be more active when BW2 gets released here in the States. Otherwise, I'm off-and-on both here and at Serebii's. Really only posting when I see something that nabs my interest (like a new game release would). It's awesome just how long we can keep coming back and talkin' like nothing.
    The greatest American kid's show of all time, bar Doug.
    The Nostalgia Critic says otherwise, especially since he hates the Flinstones, Mr. Magoo, and Randy Newman.
    Yep we went little of topic there so it was best to leave it for another day, but im still glad we had opportunity to relieve small piece of good old discussions we used to have back than on serebii. Just because we don't share same views, doesn't mean we cant be on friendly ground right?

    To be honest i have my doubts we will see Misty too, but from logic standpoint BW2 brings good opportunity after many years and you can tell writers left character on unfinished note.
    Reason why i don't believe we wont see her again.

    I would have send you friend request by now, but im not sure if you accept them though.
    Nice to hear that. I miss old days too, back than debates were a lot more lively than they use to be now(especially about Misty hehe). Oh well like saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

    Out of curiosity are you still watching pokemon?
    Welcome back. You probably don't remember me but we used to debate back than in serebii and i have to say those were fun times.
    Yes. BTW V-Faction made an unexpected return last week or so, you just missed him. He posted in the thread about the new opening.

    I wish the old-school AG dream team came back. Back in those days we were like kings of the forums and the debates were the best.
    What can I say; The name was taken at the time, and I had to slum it. But what are the chances of someone else on an internet pokemon forum using the name 'gravy'? Someone is out to get me, I just know it!
    Nice to hear from you again dude! It indeed has been way too long since I drew that bikini-clad Janine for you, huh? Oh...wait...you meant 'since we last talked', didn't you?

    It's just me, Teddi and Scott around these parts methinks! I miss the old gang, those were fun days. MAYBE NEXT WEEK CORPHISH WILL EVOLVE!!
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