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  • Thanks. Hopefully I'll get even better over time.
    Indeed. That's an important thing to do in just about any case, not just with relationships. If we don't learn from mistakes, then we'll just keep doin' the same thing over and over, and we know that won't turn out well. And I'm sure you'll find such people. They always turn up eventually.
    I'm also an independent person who doesn't ask for assistance that often. I don't know why. Maybe I prefer to do some things on my own just so I don't come across as a burden. Still, I accept help when necessary, especially if it's something I know I can't do on my own. So, yeah. I agree that working with others isn't always bad.
    True. You could learn something from even rather disliked titles, even if it's something very minor or silly (i.e. one critically panned game I know has completely unrealistic physics and has an infamous typo that reads "You're Winner!", so at least I've learned that you can go right through walls and that "you are winner" is grammatically correct (not really). lol). Not my best example there, but I guess it's something, right? Anyways, I agree it's not a waste of time unless you aren't squeezing any enjoyment out of it. Just do whatever you like and you technically aren't wasting your time.
    I don't like how judgmental people can be either, since it can come across as offensive and/or degrading. And considering that probably nobody likes getting offended or degraded, I don't understand why people like to be judgmental in the first place. I also don't like knowing that there are people out who can be so harsh like that. I wonder what even drives them to act like that in the first place?
    Heh, my message was so large, I have to make another post just to continue what I'm saying. lol Anyhow...
    I agree that it's not pleasant to go through. In fact, all that bashing is what caused me to get so stressed out in the past few weeks. It's not good for my well-being, so I should probably avoid sections where people voice their opinions if I don't want to keep going through this (and I know I don't). Anyways, I also think some people don't take the time to think about what they're about to say before they post their opinions. Maybe if people did that more often, we wouldn't be seeing this much arguing on the internet.
    Sorry for my late reply. I've been rather stressed out by the internet recently, so I wanted to take a break for a little while. Hope you've been doing alright.
    True. Sometimes you just need to do a little digging to find out what your relationship with someone is like, and that some relationships can be a pain. Even if things don't turn out well in the end, you can learn from the relationship in order to form better ones in the future. And I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll eventually meet some more people who are accepting. I'm sure there are still some people out there who are like that, even if they aren't that easy to find.
    Thanks! I wish you the same.
    I agree. There's definitely strength in numbers, as they say. It gives us the power we need to make things easier or overcome things that can't be done on our own. Yes, it's perfectly fine to do some things on your own, but there are times where even the folks with the "I gotta do this myself" mindset need to accept help. It makes things more manageable, as a result.
    I think that goes to show that even video games can have some sort of educational value to them, even if you have to do some thinking to get the messages. I don't think every game can be educational, but I think they generally can be if they try to give you some sort of message or if they inspire you to do some research on a topic that interests you. Plus, there's that whole hand-eye coordinate thing to them, so I wouldn't say that you are "wasting time" if you have the right mindset.
    I suppose it's not always ideal to have something in common, since there are those exceptions where the similarities don't mesh together well (i.e. people who are noisy, but can't stand noisy voices themselves, thus two people with those traits probably wouldn't get along that well). Like you said, though, acceptance and understanding is key for a healthy relationship with someone. I think I've met a fair number of people who can be accepting like that, though it would be nice if it was more commonplace.
    Thanks! At least I don't have to go through those hard times again. Hopefully, things should go well for me in the foreseeable future.
    True. We should accept that darkness exists, but we shouldn't let it get the better of us and make things bitter. It would make this world harder to thrive in if that were the case, which why I hope that people don't go that way.
    I've also been through that. There are times where I'm exposed to so much bashing to something I like that I start to feel uncertain whether I should continue liking it or not. It's very stressful and it can make me feel very down when I go through it.
    I think you pretty much nailed that on the head. It is certainly a good thing to have similarities, since you guys share common ground, but being accepting of what they like and dislike is very important in relationships. If you argue with someone's opinion whether it's positive or negative, then you might just a little bit of tension with that person, but if you accept him/her for what they like/dislike, things will turn out very well in the long run. Besides you, I don't know anyone like that either. As for the phrase "opposites attract", I agree with it to an extent. It just depends on how accepting the two parties are.
    It's OK. At least I managed to pull through and change things for the better, like you said. And your welcome, I also try to treat others well most the time. I wouldn't have a good reception if I acted like a jerk too often.
    I wish so, too. Darkness does have its place in this world, but we need to embrace the light if we want to live in a better world. I just hope that people can create a brighter future someday.
    True, especially if they are very vocal about things. Their vocal negativity can really get under my skin at times.
    I guess opposites can get along, huh? It's amazing that even vastly different people can get be great buddies. Have you heard of many instances where those who have little in common turn out to be great friends, by any chance?
    You're welcome. I've also been through a time where I needed support and yet I felt like nobody was really there to help me. I'm just happy that I know others are there to assist me whenever I'm in a bind. I've pretty much said this already, but it's rather thoughtful of you to support others so they don't go through the same experience as you have. Nobody wants to go through such an experience, so it's always welcome to have someone there to get 'em out of a jam.
    I agree. The world can feel a little too dark for my tastes at times. At least I don't shy away from the light, or else I might get corrupted by the dark and have a harder time.
    Just to be sure, are you saying that some people can make it difficult to focus on the good? If so, I agree with that, especially if you are frequently exposed to those who emphasize on the bad.
    I agree that said people need friends the most. Hopefully, you come to know them better and eventually get close enough to them that they start to soften up. Anyone can become a friend and ally if you have the right approach. It's rather admirable that you try to support such people. I don't think a long list of folks try to do that, considering how tricky it can be to assist a troubled person. And I agree that even the darkest people have some sort of good in them. It's just impossible to be pure good or pure evil. Still, even if we can't have one without the other, I think we should focus on the good in all of us rather than focus on the bad.
    I would imagine that most people who are negative have been through tough times before and didn't get support to help them with their troubles. I mean, even the most troubled people I know weren't born with dark personalities. We just naturally get dark and light characteristics through our experiences.
    Your welcome! And thanks! :)
    I do wonder why some people can be rather negative in the first place. If they are going through troublesome times, I can get where they're coming from, but if they are being negative for the sake of being negative, I don't understand their behavior. And like you said, it's OK to have bad days every now and then. That's part of life. Just try to be positive and it should be smooth sailing for the most part!
    I'm glad you have a positive outlook for someone who's been through rough times. I can't think of many people who are like that. Optimism is a powerful thing, that's for sure.
    Once again, your welcome. Sometimes I wish kindness was a bit more common place in this world, as the negativity can bring me down at times. It's great to know there are people who are unfailingly kind, though. Those kind of people are always great to be around if you ask me. They do a good job at uplifting others.
    You're right. Sometimes we've got to look for that little bit of hope to turn things around for ourselves. I'm glad I found that hope during my worst times (I don't know how, though). I can't imagine where I'd be otherwise.
    Amen. And thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it! :}
    You're very welcome. I've been through tough times before as well, so I know what it's like. Plus, we all need a little support, right?
    That's why I think it's important to be optimistic. If people aren't optimistic, they probably wouldn't be able to do well in their darkest times. Even a little bit of hope can make all of the difference.
    I agree. I don't think I would be willing to throw away that much money unless I was a millionaire or if the product in question is something that I would find necessary. And there's no way I'd frequently spend $700+ on things. I'd probably go broke if I did that! And I agree that there's more fun to be had playing new titles, rather than just playing the same handful of games hundreds of times. Sure, there's fun to be had revisiting something I have fond memories of playing, but my life has room for new experiences and memories, so I'm willing to try out new experiences that interest me. It makes my life a series of adventures that way.
    It's OK. What matters is that you're feeling better. Glad to know you are back to your normal self.
    True, true.
    Me neither. I wouldn't want anybody to suffer from something like that. And I agree that it's important to be see things in a positive light. In fact, I think my optimistic personality helps me succeed at things. If I didn't have that trait, I possibly wouldn't be able to overcome certain challenges.
    I also think that's insanely expensive just to play games. That's so pricey, I don't think I would even purchase it if it had a number of games that would last me for a good long while. Gotta use my cash on essentials, you know. And I think it's important to be open to a variety of things, rather than just dwell on a thing of the past. It gives us a chance to try things that are unique and entertaining in their own right. As a result, I can enjoy games from pretty much every generation, not just the ones from the generation I grew up with.
    Very true. Plus, if you want to accomplish your goals, you will need a "I'm gonna do it" attitude. If you're just like "eh, I'd like to do it, but I don't really care," then you're not very likely to succeed. Dedication's another important thing for success.
    You've got a point there. Sometimes we've just got to restart from scratch if we want to do well with our careers. That way, we can try to shape a brighter future for our job and hopefully learn from our past mistakes in order to avoid them next time. Still, failure is a terrible thing to go through and I also feel bad for those who are going through such a situation.
    I just remembered that there actually was a game console that priced at $700, called the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. According to Wikipedia, it didn't achieve much success when compared to the SNES and the Genesis, and that price tag pretty much tells you why. Rather a shame, since it was said to have "a host of cutting-edge technologies." And I know what you mean, since there are possibly some people out there who value nostalgia above all else and wouldn't touch anything past the gaming era they grew up with. Like you, I wouldn't pay that much for an old console either, as nostalgia isn't everything for me when it comes to gaming.
    It's great that you also have that trait as well. I like it when people are willing to persevere and keep their heads held high, no matter what. Those kind of people are pretty strong and that's a characteristic that said folks should be glad to have.
    I sure hope such people would be able to learn from their mistakes and try to get more favorable results in the future. That can help improve their reputation for their next project and hopefully net them more cash in the process. But what if they're title did so badly they would have to go out of business? That's...pretty somber.
    A console that would cost $800 if it was released in the modern era? That would make even the Xbox One seem cheap in comparison, and I think that's saying a lot. You know, this reminds me, when I've looked up old consoles on Ebay before, I've typically found them over $100, even though they probably aren't as valuable as they used to be, considering that some of these old titles can be played on other consoles. Why do you think that is the case?
    Thanks! I'm glad to know that I have the willpower to get through any challenge I may face, no matter how discouraged or weak I may feel. I think that's a helpful trait to have.
    That's a pretty sad thing when you think about it. I mean, I can understand why a company would be in hot water if they released games that they didn't spend much time or money on, but for developers to create a game they've poured their hearts into and yet it didn't pay off in the end? That must be pretty depressing for them, especially if that one glitch is what caused all of that failure in the first place.
    I wonder if games were difficult and very expensive to make back in the day, because I can't think of any other reason why titles would be priced so high. If you're gonna spend a lot of cash on something, you may as well give it a high price tag in return. Still, even taking that into account, I definitely wouldn't consider paying that much money for any game, no matter how long or rich in replay value it may be. I'm OK with paying 40$ every once in a while, but to fork out 120$ just for a single game? No thanks, especially if it's something that came out ages ago.
    I am also really glad I'm myself again. I'd much rather be me than to be a "weak" version of myself.
    I absolutely agree that particularly problematic glitches should be dealt with before the game is ready to be released into the wild. In particular, critics might bash the game for said glitch and give it much lower scores than it would have otherwise. Then when a patch fixes the glitch, the points noted in the reviews are no longer relevant and might make some people think that the game isn't worth their time, when in reality, the glitch no longer exists. Not a good scenario if you ask me. Come to think of it, weren't games always expensive to begin with? I haven't really been paying attention to game prices until recent years, but I think I can recall that they always costed 60+ dollars or something.
    Thanks. I didn't necessarily have the panic attack for days, per say, but experiencing it just left me very tense afterwards. When I feel like that, I have a tendency to avoid eating, as I think I might feel even worse after I consume something. It is great to be myself again, as feeling nervous and getting famished is just awful.
    Sounds good. I hope you enjoy the game once you get around to it!
    True. I wouldn't want to wait for quite a while just to play something that lasts for ten hours and has no replay value. I just wouldn't feel like it would provide a lot of bang for my buck. And I don't like waiting for patches just to fix a notable glitch either. It's nice that that a game's glitches can be addressed after the game comes out, but I don't like putting up with game freezes and whatnot. I feel those kind of things should be fixed before the game even hits store shelves. Still, better late than never, right?
    I don't want to get too detailed on this, but I ate something that made me feel a little tense and I saw something that gave me the creeps, which caused me to suffer from a panic attack. As a result, I felt very nervous for a while and I didn't eat much until I felt better. I'm glad that's over, because going through that for several days is not fun at all :(
    Even with the game's faults, I think the game can still be enjoyed. I mean, I haven't played any FF game until the summer of 2013 and FF7 was the first FF title I tried. While I didn't like every aspect of the game, I did enjoy it for what it was and it helped me get into the series, as I hadn't experienced any plot that complicated before and its gameplay was just enough for me to ease into the series without being overwhelmed. So, as someone who was new to the franchise at the time, I found it to be a solid entry point and I've been interested in the series ever since.
    I think this is a good example of the phrase "less is more". There's nothing wrong with having a new game come out often, but you don't want to go overboard by making it too often. I think it should be a middle-ground where a franchise doesn't get a new game every year, but it does at least get a new one every three years, as apposed to 7+ years, which could make fans impatient for the next one to come out.
    I'm so sorry I took this long to reply to you. I wasn't feeling well recently and I wanted to wait until I was (almost) my old self again before I replied to you back.
    You know, as much as I enjoyed FF7, I'm not sure if I can pinpoint one of the primary reasons why it's one of the most popular games among the fanbase. Maybe it's because it was considered "revolutionary" for its time? I dunno, but I can see why you may not get what all the fuss is all about, since, like pretty much any game out there, not every aspect of it has aged gracefully (the typos and lack of periods in some sentences is really weird and the graphics aren't anything to write home about when compared to FF8 and 9). Still, I feel it gets more right than it does wrong, so I don't think it's a game worth hating, even if it's not "groundbreaking" by this day and age.
    I have a similar mindset, mainly because I noticed that main-series Pokemon titles have been released every year since 2009-ish, so I like it when franchises have a 2-3 year gap between games. Not only would that give players time to soak in everything the game has to offer (like you said), but it would also keep players from losing interest in the franchise as quickly. Plus, 3 years of development is certainly enough time to craft a well-polished title, and nobody can say that's bad (unless you are somebody who loves rushed games for some reason).
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