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  • D
    your title made me laugh lol
    Hi you have an interesting profile
    Gah. Nevermind, apparently the master showcase was done in Japan a month ago. I'll remake the thread though, whether showcases come back or not.
    Hardly. There is another showcase (grand showcase) in the X, Y, & Z series. (Just search YouTube.)
    Where did you get the cool Raichu gif from?
    I'm actually not sure. It used to be a GIF of Ash & Co during a Kalos episode title. I uploaded that about 1-2 years ago. Now it's strangely Raichu-I just saw it today too aha.
    Hey there buddy~ Long time no see~ Bin a while since we had a nice chat~
    If I recall correctly, perhaps it was somewhere int he garden grotto? But who knows rite~
    So anyways, hows it going!?
    Ok, I tried to make a decent OU team (it probably isn't) so you can we can have a battle whenever you're ready~ XP
    Same, I think the Trick Room is what saved me~ On that last play I wasn't sure Moonblast would kill and I was so terrified I'd lost~ XD

    We should~ I should really get back into OU. My current OU teams are probably pretty bad by Smogon standards~ xP
    I know, but the obsession is too real! XD I literally made a team for Anything Goes that's literally Mono-Diancie~ XD And I got bodied by a Metagross so bad I forfeited turn 3. XD

    Here's probably the best battle I had with the team~ Anything Goes replay: majorsugarrush vs. DiamondTheStorm - Pokémon Showdown
    OU (suspect test) replay: TapeIsLife vs. DiamondTheStorm - Pokémon Showdown Another battle I was seriously gonna forfeit!~ But this thing is my favorite Mega for a reason~
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