• ME faces off against the Champion of Sinnoh. Watch here as his Sinnoh Pokemon League Challenge comes to a close.
Alolan Aipom
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  • lol let's talk about football & beer or something :p

    i'll bring the solrock - got some other randoms some may be good some may be dire - i just hatch a random one every now & again a lot of the time when i get an RNG dry patch
    foreign ditto increase the chances of getting a shiny (x4 i think... still around 1/~2000 though) but the nature passing down thing is lost if the pokemon are from different language games :-(

    you may be able to trade the ralts - do what i do & either throw it over to someone with an "i have no shiny pokemon :-( " threads or onto the GTS - i have another 5 shinies for you with the mantine so go wild dude clone them trade them kill them they're yours! :p

    i like any TM's or battle items or shards or anything like that so if you've got too much of anything just chuck them over dude - they won't go to waste! :-D
    holy feck that's spooky! :-O

    i'd just clicked on the convo to send you the news - i bred a female calm water absorb shiny mantine eventually - checked the IV's & oh dear... so i bred another (male this time) & i've got these for you: 21/18/28/31/31/27 - not too shabby :-D got the egg moves ice beam / mirror coat / rain dance / mud sport too

    i'm gonna go have a smoke & if you're good to go i'll get on wifi & trade the mantine over dude

    (ps - if the flawless ditto is the one nicknamed "Ditto" then it's foreign so it won't work with the everstone :-( but great for RNGing thanks to the "masuda method" thingy)
    Who on earth are you? Can burke not defend himself? This is pathetic. He's a grown man crying over spilled milk on a video game website. Read the posts. He became rude with me because I was offline. If going offline offends him that much he really should take a look at his life. As should you, attacking me because I do not get along with your buddy. You say he is nothing but nice? Shenanigans. Very rude actually. Now I see why you get along. Posting rude messages on my wall when you have absolutely no reason to contact me.
    on wifi & ready to go dude! the better IV's on the parents will give a better chance of the baby having good IV's but it's still a bit random - here's hoping with them
    just the mantine would be needed for that - i don't have a male wobuffet but i need to breed one anyway (for my shellos & mudkip with counter & mirror coat projects) & RNG makes it very quick to get the right gender

    i don't think the power items work in DPPl dude just HGSS - i know the everstone messes up RNGing so the power items would probably do the same
    (you've inspired me to make this my next egg move project!)

    shoot me a VM when you can get them over dude i shouldn't be far from the PC
    could be worth asking in the battle forums place what they recommend over there - they all have a lot of knowledge & most of them are very helpful
    i could do this easily enough (twister looks like a pain!) - it would take a bit of time to get the parents ready - well - i have a corsola with mirror coat so i could teach it the ice beam TM as it would be quicker anyway
    this is a great site for working out egg moves - it would take a while but i could work on a mirror coat combo (mirror coat / mud sport / twister / ice beam) or something
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