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Recent content by Alolan Coconut

  1. Alolan Coconut

    Poke Regions In The Real World

    Also, Unova's name is basically a corruption of the US. UN(ited States) OV(or of) A(merica).
  2. Alolan Coconut

    Your unpopular music/film/tv opinons

    I enjoyed the new Star Wars trailer and I think people are hating on it just for the sake of hating on recent Star Wars movies.
  3. Alolan Coconut

    Worst mega evolution design?

    So why not hate Mega Latios if they are the same to you? In all seriousness: they belong to the same species and have genders. So it actually makes sense to give them similar (since they are not exactly the same) Mega Evolutions.
  4. Alolan Coconut

    Should regional variants become a series mainstay?

    I hope so. It's a great way to keep the amount of new Pokémon low, while also introducing a full new dex to explore. The Alola forms were pretty much a hit or miss for me, but I love the potential it has.
  5. Alolan Coconut

    Least Favourite Legendaries?

    Manaphy. I don't hate it and I don't think it's ugly, but it's just so.. Forgettable. In the sense that it is supposed to be a legendary Pokemon, but I tend to forget that. The same goes for Heatran to be honest, but it gets the benefit of the doubt, since it looks pretty awesome.
  6. Alolan Coconut

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    Gen V to Gen VI/Gen VII, hands down. Also, using clickbait on forums. ;-)
  7. Alolan Coconut

    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    Oh, I never meant to say it was ugly. I found my favorite pieces quite early on in USUM. But I never understood why you would limit certain colors for the sheer sake of version exclusivity.
  8. Alolan Coconut

    As an English person...

    Look at it this way: if my country would have been the inspiration for a Pokemon Region, every house would be shaped like a windmill and all gyms would be Grass type. Football isn't all tht bad as a cultural stick-out.
  9. Alolan Coconut

    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    I know, but that doesn't really change my opinion about it. It's still an odd choice.
  10. Alolan Coconut

    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    I'm hoping it will return, but I also know that if it does return, it will most likely suck. Seriously, version-exclusive clothing? 180K for ugly looking pants? Who does that?
  11. Alolan Coconut

    Worst designs for final formes introduced in Gen 4

    In a weird way, because of its goofiness, Probopass sort of became one of my favorite Pokemon. But i also understand why people hate it. For me, it's an even tie between Rhyperior and Tangrowth.
  12. Alolan Coconut

    What Regions Would You Like to See In Future Games?

    Exactly, so why is it that 9/10 replies in this thread are based on countries? I would love it if the next region would be based on something different than just a country. (Or at least ones that aren't so obvious).
  13. Alolan Coconut

    Which Starter Group is the Hardest for you to Choose From?

    Unova. In every region I have at least one starter that appeals to me more than the others, but in Gen V they are just not my kind of thing.
  14. Alolan Coconut

    What Regions Would You Like to See In Future Games?

    I would love to see another region again that isn't just based on a single country. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Beijing or a combination of central American countries would be amazing I think.
  15. Alolan Coconut

    What is your Longest Drought?

    I usually have a set back after the first 3 months since after a series release, just by being fatigued and being busy with other stuff. My longest drought is probably this one, since USUM was such a major letdown for me, I haven't picked it up in a year and only recently looked into it because...