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Alolan Ninetales

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  • Late last year...hmmm...I know I've gone through phases where I haven't watched anything from him (I'm currently in one now), so I guess I can see why I would have missed that ><
    Ah I getcha. I tried watching one of his LPs and got bored...but I think that was more the game's fault than his lol.

    Oh dang. I haven't watched Scrafty's vids in a while though...what did he do? o.o;

    As for Spade, he's hilarious. And very hammy. xD
    Oh whoa, I've only heard of one of those first three. xD I don't watch Shofu much anymore unfortunately, not sure why...I guess I just haven't really been into the Poketubing scene as much lately.

    I do also like HoodlumScrafty and TheFlamingSpade though.
    I do it sometimes, but I haven't played in a while tbh.

    Alright, I'll work on sending it now.
    Dayum. o.o And I thought breeding for IVs in Gen 6 was tedious...

    Also...may I PM you about something?
    Oooh cool~ I always wanted a shiny Ninetales but never really had the patience. I don't have the patience for shiny hunting in general though.
    Cool :D I don't think I've transferred any of my team 'Mons though...I prefer to just keep them in the game they were caught in.
    Yeah, I remember trying him out during my White 1 playthrough. Sadly I needed to replace him for the Elite Four ><
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