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Alolan Ninetales

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  • I still need to play through 2. I've recorded me playing them and made them unlisted on YouTube but number 2 always gave me problems. lol
    I am too! I've played through 1 and 3, 2 is a bit of a bear. I'm looking forward to number 4! Have you watched Markiplier play through these games? He's too funny!
    Now that you mention it, I'm not sure. One of the guards did call Ghostbusters but I'm not sure what the end result was.

    (Hope you feel better now :c)
    Thank you for your welcome! I appreciate it and am glad to be here! You all sound like very nice people :)
    Dunno. Maybe they were refurbished. Maybe they rusted and crumbled. Maybe they were taken by the police as evidence and never were returned. We'll never know.

    (Have a good time on work!)
    Sorry about my inactivity lately. I've been pretty busy lately and that will probably continue, so I wont be able to keep up with the RPG and will have to quit.
    I feel like if one of mine died (and one that was vital to me), I might give myself a cheat clause. I was super close to losing one when one of the Aqua grunts used Minimise on his Grimer and its evasiveness rose. I genuinely thought I wasn't going to hit it and my Pokemon was going to faint from poisoning on top.

    Wow, so you're really playing it hard haha. I was meant to use the 1-3, 4-6, 5-9 rule on the last digit on your trainer card but i let my young sister (she's like 3) choose her favourite looking one.
    I feel like I've had to do a lot more training than normal to prevent them from dying haha.

    Wow, I never realised there aren't that many strong pokemon at the start of X/Y. I mean I got lucky that I never got Poochyena and got Lotad. Question, how did you choose your starter Chespin for your Nuzlocke?

    Ahh no worries. It's just I'm British time (and I'm on holidays anyway so I don't mind being awake until like 5am and then going to bed :) )
    Where abouts are you on X and what's your team?

    So far I have Blaziken, Lombre (Water Stone comes super late), Exploud (been amazing as a Loudred), Hariyama, Machoke, Crobat, Swablu, Grimer, Skitty, Linoone (my HM slave) and a freshly caught Trapinch.

    (Not wanting to seem pushy and rude, just wanted to know if you were going to start the role-play today. If so I don't mind staying up, if it's tomorrow then I might just head off to bed, hope that doesn't come off rude!).
    That seems too technical for me! Maybe after I've played my normal Nuzlocke (I've started AS as it came two days ago, just beat Norman and I've not lost any Pokemon yet).
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