• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
Alolan Ninetales

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  • So does Hawaii were my cousin has his winter home and his sister is out there visiting him, it sucks to be her when she comes back, jet lag and losing an hour from when she went out there in January.
    Thanks! Yeah, I hear ya. Tomorrow is gonna suck with the stupid time change. I don't know why we can't put it ahead and then LEAVE it like that. Oh no, we have to keep messing with it.
    I was called back, I got the job! At least it really sounds like that! Since they're setting me up with orientation and a name badge, sounds like you're hired to me, how about you?
    She's doing really well for being almost 80 and going through so much surgery. Yesterday was a month since her colon surgery and she's been getting out (with help of course) and doing a few more things. She's always bounced back from surgery so we're all thankful for that! I'll keep you posted if I get the job. I probably won't know until mid-March though.
    Awww, poor Ariel :(

    It's been going alright, my grandma has been going through so much surgery over the past year, it's been absolutely nuts. Three majors ones. Luckily she's doing well and getting back on her feet. I also had an interview with Meijers and I'm hoping to get a job with them in the coming months as well!
    Aww, I hope you're able to overcome them sooner than later! No time to be sick!
    It was quite good. I just finished some birthday cake. Now I have to start the diet again. XD
    No, i haven't given up hope or anything. Just want to start actually RPing something.
    i'll be sure to keep that in mind, i'm trying to get into RPing again, and the 2 i'm in haven't gotten off the ground yet.
    Thanks, thatmeans a lot. I'm going to try and make it a point to see my projects through this time.
    Alright. Would it be feasible to have a teacher stop Thomas and jazz before they battle? Thomas just kinda has an unfortunate habit of getting cut off by timeskips in te RP XD
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