• Magnificent Entertainer heads toward Hearthome City and befriends the Berry Master. Watch here as his berry powers grow immensely.
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  • And Movie!Kat's breakdown after Rue's death was just awesome. I've heard some people don't like it, but I think it expresses Book!Katniss's greif she expresses prefectly.
    I always think Cloave and Cato were more than just the killing-machine our Kat sees them as. I thought they were cute together. Every time I read the book and I read: "Clove! Clove!" I hear a boy in my head, just screaming in horror, and I have to keep myself from crying.

    Also, i loved Movie!Thresh. The way he grabs Clove and asks her about Rue.....it shows how much he privatley loved (Plantonically) that little-girl, and it gives me chills.
    Clove is so cute in your Avie. I've always thought there must be more to her than just being Knife-Girl.

    And that moment in the book when Thresh grabs Clove and she yells for Cato, and Kat says she heards him go "Clove! Clove!" and then he holds her hand and begs her not to leave him, I went "OMP!!!! HE LOVES HER!!!!!!!"
    I saw a mockingjay-pin necklace at Hot Topic, but it was $20, so I couldn't buy it. I am totaly in love with Peeta.

    Dibs on Marvel. He's good-looking in the movie.

    Three cheers for the Boy With The Bread!

    Eaxcatly! So, now HG names:


    Peeta may be somewher, possibly. And I like Movie!Cato's little chara-devel at the end, before his, y'know, scary, grusome death.
    Am I the only one who through movie!Clove was cute? Also, why was Movie!Glimmer all over Movie!Cato?
    I like Foxface. Always wondered what her real name was.

    Oh, hell! *Facepalm* For ome reason, I thought we weren't friends
    So, far, I know that Prim, Katniss, Gale, and Rue have been taken. I don't know if any else have been grabbed.

    Also, I wanna FR you, but I can't see a "Send Friend-Request" button on your profile.
    Jumping on the Hunger Games names bandwagon. Wanted Katniss, but someone got it already. So I'm Prim
    I used to have a set of Dungeon Dice somewhere...in here, no...ah, here, my Blast Lizard! Hahahaha, I am unbeatable at your creation! Too bad there's not a Dungeon Dice Online...or I'd beat ya!
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