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  • This might sound like a weird thing to ask, but is it possible for you to go online in the game at the moment?
    I need it to see the 3rd one!
    Hello, just wanted to thank you for answeing to my message. Your so nice.

    Usually i don't jump on first ball sending friend requests so easily.

    But hey we both like pokemon, seem to have similar sentiment about some things and you seem like reasonable, kind and civilized person to talk with.
    So would you mind if i send you friend request?

    Like end of classic movie Casablanca says; "this could be beginning of beautiful friendship!" :-D
    Hi i just hope my message didnpt irritated you or something. Usually when silence appears its indication of people not wanting to have anything with you or feeling offended by something you may have said or done.

    Im just i guess friendly liking to talk more than needed and if i in any way insulted or annoyed you i apologize. Me and my babbling lol, gives me more trouble than i need.

    Just wanted to say this.
    Worry not, my good sir, I attempt to be of service in a variety of ways! It's from BW041 (some number it 43, but w/e). He literally does it for a split second during his second tasting time with Luke (after the break), so I was lucky to have caught it! To save you the trouble, here, you can have the screenshot.
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