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  • Thanks ATF. And yes it is. I just wasn't sure how to take the comment in the post =P. Almost didn't want to accept it. But I really do appreciate it. if you ever return I'll be more than happy to give it back to you. But not the Snorlax =P
    I have been thinking about it and if you were serious about it, Snorlax would be a great gift and would be massively cherished :)
    If you're deciding to leave for sure and giving stuff out, would you mind if I asked for Drilbur? If you have any reservations about leaving or just don't want to give stuff out (or don't want to give something to me or whatever), that's fine too.
    We do go way back. I remember helping you learn =P. God, how time flies. I sent you a message. And anything you can give me will be great. Just keep that message secret!
    Gift me Pokemon before you leave! =P jk

    Seriously. It's been a pleasure to watch you grow from a noob to a retiring official. We're all gonna miss you and I truly hope to see you around soon. Before you COMPLETELY leave I need something from you.
    Whenever's good for @ChainReaction; and is even remotely reasonable for my time zone.
    GF should be done later, was just waiting for the last contest to end. Contest moves should be started on this weekend hopefully.
    And if you don't mind, I'd like to have a copy of the thread back that you obviously didn't read.
    So, threads in the Trainer Court are subjective to how a mod feels if it should be there or not?
    I get the 'message' part, but I guess I have trouble understanding why my thread was not in an appropriate place when you have threads like Near's.
    Right, sorry, guess trying to suggest people shouldn't be insulting each other because of different ideas isn't that important/major.
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