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  • I'm doing well; I've just returned from a trip overseas where I participated in a Math olympiad and won a nice medal.

    I hope that life is fine for you, too. But I have to ask: Why do you always come back just for a short while?
    Expire those unfair moderation points <3
    You know, I'm pretty sure I saw someone make a Red Torterra in a tutorial video using Groudon's colors...
    I hope that the peoples games burst into flames, for all I care, right now! I was looking out for users, honestly, a person comes on here spouting crap about getting Shaymin and no one questions where these are coming from? How he is getting multiples? Its because of people like you that I doubt in the sanity of the human race...
    Thanks, but I am not really the celebrating type. I was really happy because of the Lost Season 5 premiere that I got to watch that day, though.
    If I went that route, the list would be incredibly long. Since a Dragon-/Dark-type would be the same as a Dark-/Dragon-type, I only have each combo listed once.
    I didn't miss the Dark-type list. Because Dark was the last type, it was already incorporated with all the others.
    Family Guy got cancelled after the third season. Fox just decided to let it go. After significant airings on Adult Swim and really good DVD sales, Fox realized the error of their ways and renewed the contract.
    South Park has done some pretty outrageous things in the past, but Comedy Central is always bending to their will. They'll never give that show up.
    I think the last few seasons have been exceptional, happy they didn't kill the series :)
    Well, my viewpoint is this... I am sure that the both of us realize that it is quite silly to continue exchanging insults toward each other. Neither of us really have any reason to carry out any anger/hatred/whatnot anywhere outside of the threads that we have had kinda clashed in, so I think that it's the most mature thing for me to admit that I have been a little bit of a jerkoff. While this comes with being human, we as humans strive toward better, so it isn't much of an excuse for me to say "I'm a human, I have flaws, get over it."
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