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  • Remember that message you posted on the "You know you're addicted to pokemon when..." about 2 years back? The exact same thing happened to me. I had loved pokemon since I was 5, but at about age 10, I had lost interest. But then, a year ago, at age 14, I saw Dawn's buneary and thought "OMGITSSOCUTEIWANTONE" and was once again hooked. I now have my room completely wallpapered in pictures of pokemon, My pillowcase, sheets, and blankets are all pokemon themed, I dressed up as Ash for a friend's Halloween party, and more people at school know me as "The Pokemon Kid" than Ben.
    Dear AnimeDutchess,
    I have a chat, and am trying to get a lot of people that won't mess up the chat to come and chat with friends on my channel when ever you want. I make sure it is appropriate for all ages, and if there is any innapropriate content that I will report to the people at Bulbagarden. Any Questions?

    Please accept my "Friendship Request" Nice channel by the way:)

    [email protected]
    ..It's an inside joke with me and my six P2P friends. From our trip to JAPAN. Of course you don't get it.
    I saw this in your sig, Do you mean People to People?
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