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    Review Pocket Monsters: The Origin

    Is there a way to catch it again in Japan? I don't have TV Tokyo at my house and regardless, I was at the gym while it was airing.
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    The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Thread I don't think there were enough 3DS units sold to warrant a release on the platform. While a brand new generation could really sell some 3DS systems if they were exclusively made for it, neither a sequel of an existing game nor a remake would be...
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    Characters that Can/Should appear in Best Wishes

    Let's not devolve this thread into a debate about Kasumi. Honestly, N should appear. I have no real idea of what his story is as I'm only at the fifth gym in the game, but from what I can tell, he's essential to the Plasma storyline (I know he is more or less the main character of the games)...
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    What is your biggest complaint about the Pokemon series?

    There are a lot of minor issues like game mechanics translating to the anime that have been, for the most part, remedied prior to the AG saga. My biggest issue (and honestly, I don't even care that much) is Satoshi's aging, or lack thereof. I understand the reasoning behind it, and it's most...
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    Without Team Rocket

    I understand what you're saying, but part of me feels like they have been just as starring a role as Satoshi has been. Even in the Best Wishes! saga so far, I feel like they have been playing one of the more important roles despite their absences. Who knows, perhaps their change in personality...
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    Without Team Rocket

    I partly agree with this statement. I think the "safety blanket" aspect of the Rockets was their extremely formulaic appearance in every single episode. Outside of contest episodes, Team Rocket was always wreaking some sort of havoc and "blasting off again" every episode. Finally with Best...
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    Review BW022: Hiun City! Fushide Panic!!

    They've been using it since the Meguroco Koaruhie episode two episodes back. It's the beginning of the BW Title Screen music, the full length piece played during the battle between Pikachu and Meguroco.
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    Lack of fillers in 'Best Wishes'?

    Was BW008 really a filler? Didn't the Rockets get the ever important briefcase in that episode?
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    Without Team Rocket

    A pokémon staying out of its ball has no relation to what its personality is. Saying Piplup may have been "Pikachu 2.0" in regards to the fact that it stayed out of its ball is almost like saying Iris is "Brock 2.0" because she has dark skin. Something that has little impact on personality...
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    Review BW022: Hiun City! Fushide Panic!!

    The biggest thing about this episode for me was how stark of a difference backgrounds have come from the original series to the Best Wishes series. While I really love the backgrounds when they're just standing in a forest or an open field, I realize how much I miss the old cities. These blocky...
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    The Diaries of Black and White

    I just started the game last night, I ended up choosing Oshawott because my sister had already chosen Tepig and I don't like Serperior very much even though his Hidden Ability breaks the game. I'm currently training my team of Dewott (lv. 19), Herdier (lv. 17), Pansear (lv. 15), Blitzle (lv...
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    The Little Things

    Man, that's strange. I completely understand the reasoning behind it, but I wonder if it would've been a better idea just to block nicknames all together when playing over wi-fi or globally? Or just block the swear word nicknames. It's a little sucky, but I guess you couldn't name your rivals...
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    The Little Things

    Lowercase font for pokémon names. It always bothered me when I would send out my EMPOLEON, I felt like I was being shouted at.
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    Preview BW023 - Team Rockets VS Team Plasma

    I'm doubting it ends here. I feel like the writers wouldn't miss the opportunity to include N in the Best Wishes storyline, and I haven't seen or heard about him in any of the previews. I haven't played through the game yet, so I'm really not sure how his story plays out, perhaps too strange to...
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    BW026 - Fishing Conference of Hiun City

    It's nice to get some character development for a change. I wouldn't say that Dento has the potential to be main character level like Hikari was, I feel like his "I can explain everything that's going on" Takeshi-esque trait knocks him out in that area. Regardless, he can still have centric...