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  • I know man, I'm in the country pls :p but yes everything's turned into a mess over here too, I live in Zulia by the way.
    Well the mother was RNG'd, and the Father was IV bred by me. So that might explain IVs. xD
    I wouldn't mind either. x) And your welcome plus thank you for Turtwig it's adorable. :)
    I ready when you are and the friend code I'm using is Black: 2881-6780-3117. Though what friend code do I use?
    Heya I figured I'd VM. Tomorrow I'll be home all day pretty much, so just reply to this VM when your online and ready to trade. Though I'll give fair warning I sleep in a ton, so I probably won't be online until after 12:30 or so your time. But once I am online I'll be sure to stick around. :)
    I'm currently developing my set of fakemon in hopes that any of them is picked for Gen VI. However, when it comes to cross-gen evolutions, I only pick pre/evos of Unova Pokemon in case the RSEmakes happen and only use Pokemon from Gen I-IV and have only Unova Pokemon available in the Gen VI games, so we don't transfer Pokemon from our Gen V games to Gen VI like Gen III did.
    I don't remember it being flawless, I can nickname it for you if that would make you feel better.
    Your welcome. If there is anything else you need just ask. I may have a few spares from one of my breeding projects.
    They're actually from Colosseum/XD, and I got them all from Bulbapedia.
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