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  • Hey, I'm avaialable after 7pm (Eastern) today (Sunday 12-20) or anytime Mon or Tues for a trade. Let me know what works best for you. Also send me your FC. Thanks
    I love the idea and do appreciate it. But besides what's already planned, I don't have any plans for the rest of December or next year yet. So I don't want to ask you to breed anything for us if it'll just sit in your game.
    Thanks for the heads-up, I'll watch it if I'm still awake at that time (that's 3 am for me :D)
    I was gana do that later today but ok
    So lets say later today tomorrow the 19th~ around 7:00pm PST? Well my time is PST~
    Or perhaps a different time shall suffice~?

    Edit: 2nd Oh sh11tt!!! Its Friday Night! ;_; Srry yo~ Buts I gots to cancel~
    On the other hand, U choose the time~ :D I'll be gladly to accept it~ Anytime Guaranteed~!
    Yeah sure thing. Sorry I might have missed you today but I'll stay around Other Metas whenever I can tomorrow so we can have our battle.
    I won't be able to battle until tomorrow, sorry. And I go with DragonEspeon now.
    I see. But that's so situational, in my opinion.
    In that case the Trick user would get a free leftovers, and in the other scenario they would have to waste 2 turns using Trick.
    Hi, I have a question about your stall crusher Gengar set. Why leftovers over Black Sludge?
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