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  • Damn it! I took too long messing about and looking for pictures and thinking about the design of my sig, so now your slots are full again! Please, please, could you possibly email me at [email protected] when your slots are free again? I'll be there with my order next time for sure! >8D XD
    Not sure if i'm HUGE on Disney or anything, but I DO like Tinkerbell quite a bit!!! :D I have a scarf and a video game of her too ^_^

    I like yellow, I guess. :) Or sky blue? XD; Hmn...yellow maybe^^ i'm not sure....

    Video games can be fun XD I used to like Tetris a lot as a kid :) xD

    Rather not say where I live. XD

    Yeah, smiling is helpful. :)

    Do you think my avatar is pretty?^^

    Also, do you have a favorite disney princess? If your into them, of course~
    I'm suffering a bit from my autism but other than that i'm pretty fine. I tend to focus on smiling, regardless of my mood (this help's). :)

    You are soooo beautiful. :D Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise! Also, the bow remind's me of Minnie Mouse a little. :) Are you a Disney fan, per chance?

    Also; Do you like fairies? :) I think they are rather cool ^_^

    I like your wall, too. :) Is pink your favorite color?

    We're still using macs, lol, but look on the bright side; Windows mean's more freeware games! If your into gaming, of course. :p (I get bored with video games kinda fast nowdays...to be honist, i actually wanna get a job next year.....it's boring seeing my house all the time, i like can't even have fun here much anymore >_<;; lol...plus, I want to buy cute fairy things online but first i need mon-ey^^ haha XD; )

    Do you read pokemon adventures? XD; *random*

    Sorry if I talk a bit overly much :x I'm just being friendly, I guess. I can tone it down if it bother's you, though. I'll try REALLY hard. I don't like upsetting/letting people down, anyways. :)

    Ya, I had finals this week >.> My last on is on Monday :/
    Hope you do good! :D

    I'm doing alright :/ Well besides exams and all xD
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