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  • Oh, that's a really good choice! :D

    Well, seeing as Dawn and Cynthia seem to be making a return, it might not be so hard. XD
    Really? What kind of people?

    it does take some practice. :p

    Cool! :D I should do that too DX
    Yeah, I hope to pursue a career in either that or animal behavior someday.

    Yep, AMVs. :D

    I don't watch it as much as I used to, though I'm trying to fix that. My favorite character is probably Dawn. You?
    I'm somewhat introverted IRL and I'm generally quiet, but I'm more outgoing online. I can be pretty random too. =P My interests include Pokémon, anime, biology, and video editing. ^^
    Yeah, I thought you were new because I misread your blog XD I also hoped if I deleted my previous VM, you wouldn't see it :I

    Sorry about that :p
    I notice your threads have a similar theme. "How would the show be if it continued like the OS" or "What if Dawn were still in Best Wishes?"

    Any reason for that? Just curious.
    Since your thread was stopped I'll tell you I don't like Ash still being Ten cause lots of time must have pasted the league, a whole summer of adventures then the summer academy. But I think his character already changed so I thought he already aged. You know
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