• ME continues wandering aimlessly around Sinnoh. Watch here as he participates in a Catching Show and goes to a strange island.
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  • Nope, not yet. I recently learned that I have an unsually high typing speed of 120 wpm, so I'm also being encouraged by my family to get into data entry :p
    Better fix it. :p
    I work full time so summer isn't really any different to me. XD But I do like to take advantage of the weather to go hiking in the local parks. Also going to visit Japan. You?
    I'm thinking of getting into cooking / baking and I am going to take a few courses for that <:
    Accounting.. that's interesting. What got you interested? :)
    My favorite player is Lebron. My friend actually met him once in Miami and talked to him! I was so jealous -.-
    Besides Lebron, I also really like Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant too.
    I like to play basketball myself too. I can shoot lots of 3 point shots and surprise people. XD
    What are you studying in college? :)

    It's called Paranatural. It's an RP about middle school kids in a world that's like ours, except with crazy stuff like psychic powers and mad scientists. The science teacher at their school is the ghost of Dr. Frankenstein possessing a wax doll of himself, and they just fought cyborg Walt Disney to save a dinosaur preserve. Right now they're meeting a ninja lady who uses psychic powers to control paper and keep records.

    And that's true. A lot of people call it physical chess. You can win by being a lot faster than your opponent, but you can also win by being better at predicting how your opponent will act, which is rad. I may have asked before, but if so, I forget. Do you do any sports?
    It was extremely. I used every trick in my arsenal, and by the time I finished I could barely stand. And yes. I talked with her a bit while waiting, and she pointed out her grand kid who was competing.

    Ah, you should come join the RP I run. I'm just about to start the sixth episode.
    Whoa. Didn't realize it's 3am already. o_o I do try to keep my bad sleeping habits in check. XD; I can sleep whenever I hit the bed... it's just a matter of getting there. You?
    To be fair it was a novice tournament. And I nearly lost to someone's grandma. It was a lot of fun, though. The semifinal bout was really intense. A fencing bout can last a total of three three-minute periods, but it's rare. Mine went all three periods and the score was 14-15. I lost, but I was satisfied with how I did.
    Programming. It's not as fun as it used to he, though, so I might swap to aviation. If I could make fencing my career that would be great, but banking on becoming any sort of professional athlete is a bit silly. You?
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