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  1. aquadrop

    Oh hey there ;P

    Oh hey there ;P
  2. aquadrop

    Hey girl, get your butt back on here lmao

    Hey girl, get your butt back on here lmao
  3. aquadrop

    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    Got ready for bed by washing my face and stuff... Now I can't sleep. Water always wakes me up. xD
  4. aquadrop

    What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

    Metal sound!
  5. aquadrop

    Word Association

  6. aquadrop

    Like Luke Skywalker, I return! Sort of.

    Welcome back! <3 I'll be honest, ever since I joined I haven't really posted much, so I'm sort of in the same boat as you. Here's to a new start~
  7. aquadrop

    Favorite Non-Pokémon Shippings

    Considering the amount of shows I watch... My list would be too long. But my main OTPs for now (this list changes sometimes lol): Harry x Hermione (HP) Steve Rogers x Peggy Barry Allen x Iris West (The Flash) Bulma x Vegeta And Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) x Miles Morales (Spiderman) they're cute...
  8. aquadrop

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    It's been a while since I checked up on here, hey! Guys! Sadly there hasn't been any activity here for months. That makes me sad. :( I feel like most people did head over to Advancers, Chloe. Lol (it's more fun over there ;p). Did you manage to finish that story though Chloe? And to...
  9. aquadrop

    Eat or Spit

    Eat, I love spinach. So healthy. XD Hmm, liver?
  10. aquadrop

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    When you rearrange your whole Pokemon team, then right when you leave the town you realize you need an HM slave to cut down a damn tree in the way. LKJFLKSDJFLSD.
  11. aquadrop

    What song is stuck in your head right now?

    Stitches by Shawn Mendes. Damn that chorus.
  12. aquadrop

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    Ah.. to be honest I wouldn't change much because I know their target audience is 10 year olds... (though a LOT of teenagers and adults play, which nintendo loves to ignore) so it's hard to list these things because they'll never be done.. but who knows. XD 1. New Pokemon would be nice... but...
  13. aquadrop

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Hey Venus8;! Nice to meet you. <3 Hmm I agree with Ranger Jack Walker; May's definitely focused more on the battling aspect. That's what I love her about her, she's able to perform combinations that not only look good, they knock Pokemon out. XD Anikasnow6; Omg yes, if Ash actually visited...
  14. aquadrop

    Start Ups Super Heroes Militarized for Universally Covert Kills... S.H.M.U.C.Ks!(Comedic RP)

    Re: Super Heroes Militarized for Universally Covert Kills... S.H.M.U.C.Ks!(Comedic RP ((OOC: Sorry for not being that active! Been dealing with a lot of stuff DX)) Glow's eyes widened as she watched Chuck do his thing. "Woah... He went all Hulky on us." She covered her ears from the...
  15. aquadrop

    Woooh LOL, sounds like a lot of stuff went down already. XD I'll take a look at it, it sounds...

    Woooh LOL, sounds like a lot of stuff went down already. XD I'll take a look at it, it sounds fun! And yeah, that's exactly what people say about fencing. Takes a lot of mind skill to do it. And I don't play professionally, but I play basketball and tennis mostly. Though I suck at tennis... XD