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  • A Rocketshipping hentai doshinji. :-D In this scene, Musashi and Kojiro are worried Nyasu will bother them while they have sex, so they put sleeping pills in his food. :lol:
    That's ok. We all have a tendency to get a bit OT from time to time. And yes, that comic is awesome. :-D

    Yes, the Rocketshipping fandom is filled with lots of dirty little minds. :naughty:

    Aw, thanks! :blush: It means a lot when people tell me that.
    Don't wanna drag the thread too OT so I'll say this here.

    Yes, I'd love to see all of your internet shenanigans. :-D I can never get enough it being the perv that I am. That's dumb that your "serious" art friends make fun of you for it. Sounds like they're a bit too serious...

    I love what I'm seeing on your LJ so far. You're really good!
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