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    Neosquid's Pokemon Horde

    Neosquiddia; As far as I know, the cons themselves, directly, won't stop someone from selling bootlegs, but honestly I've never seen bootlegs at a con. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just that I've never seen it. Banpresto stuff especially is easy to order in bulk, so it's super easy to find...
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    Notice Do Not Post Voice Actors Contacts or Brag About Having Them

    Hi everyone! I know many anime fans are very excited to come in contact with their favorite voice actors/actresses, but please DO NOT share their personal details (including e-mails, Facebook profiles, etc) here on Bulba. This also includes bragging about having said details. Don't even...
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    American Pharoah Wins First Triple Crown in 37 Years

    I spend most of my day around horses, and just, from what I see in his racing, this horse is exceptional. Not just talent wise. If you watch the race and see the last few moments, the jockey was not pushing American Pharoah at all. This horse is pure heart. He was trained and raised well, and...
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    Pearlshipping (AShXDawn)

    There is already a thread for Pearlshipping, found here - Feel free to post in that thread instead :) Closing.
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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers: Pokemon Collecting Edition

    Re: Looking for certain Gengar pillow / doll Merging with simple questions/answers thread.
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    How to Spot A Bootleg

    Re: Bootleg plushes are showing up in stores.. Merging this with the Bootleg thread c:
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    What happens to reported posts?

    So, what happens to the post after you hit that report button? How does the staff know about it? How long will it take to get taken care of or answered? I made a little tutorial to let users know a bit more about how the process works. What happens when a post is reported? This is a...
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    Pokémon D-Arts/S.H. Figuarts Thread

    I wanted the Charizard one when it first came out, but within months it went from about $60 to like $150 and I've given up on trying to get one ;___; I'm...kind of holding out and hoping they make a Mega Charizard X one.
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    Pokémon ORAS Midnight Launch Events: Help us build a complete list!

    There will be a midnight release at my local GameStop; I preordered the games there and they sent me a text saying they are available for pick up at 12:01. 1713 Route 228, #B1 , Cranberry, PA 16066
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    Where To Buy Authentic Pokemon Goods Online

    Ships from China. Nope.
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    Carly's Pokes~

    Yup :) I love the Pittsburgh Penguins, so I keep my Piplups on the shelf with my Penguins memorabilia. Seems fitting to me :D Lots of new stuff
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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers: Pokemon Collecting Edition

    I don't think there are any plushes of Ursaring, unfortunately :( Whenever I want to check to see if there are plushes of a certain pokemon, I use this - I have no idea. What is it made out of? You could try to possibly use Super Sculpty (or...
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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers: Pokemon Collecting Edition

    Re: Looking for Dragonite Cuddle Pillow Plush from the late 90s early 00s! Merging with the Simple Questions/Answers thread :)
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    How to Spot A Bootleg

    Pokemon plushes are hand sewn from what I understand - not all of them are perfect. Eyes being off centered etc don't always scream bootleg. If they're obviously misshapen or obviously very wrong than yeah, but a few imperfections here and there are really common. I have a New Years' Tepig plush...