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Last Activity:
Apr 3, 2017 at 10:16 PM
Aug 1, 2005
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Jul 11, 1984 (Age: 32)
Amongst the dead
Community Staff Nurse


Ghostly Mistress, 32, from Amongst the dead

Arc_Angel was last seen:
Apr 3, 2017
    1. Tenorphin
      Hey Arc, I'm wondering if you could approve my Pokéballl transaction at the Pokémart? I couldn't pick up the Espurr without this batch of Pokéball..
    2. Itzatrap
      Hey Arc, sorry to bother but I think there was an error in my total in the Staff Rewards thread. I believe the total should have been 325, not 225.
    3. Lin Beifong
      Lin Beifong
      happy birthday! :)
    4. Lin Beifong
      Lin Beifong
      Happy Birthday! :)
    5. Zyla
      Why did The Egg House close down!?
    6. empoleon dynamite
      empoleon dynamite
      Fixed, sorry about the original post *embarrassed*
    7. Kori Gotcha
      Kori Gotcha
      Ok. Sorry bout that snafu.
    8. Ebail
      Happy birthday. I hope it's an enjoyable day.
    9. kaisap112
      Thank you so much!
    10. kaisap112
      I'm sorry to bother you, but I requested to join the FB Users group in Bulbagarden and have yet to receive permission. If I've understood right, I can't post in the Fizzy Bubbles forums here without that permission (am already a registered member of FB on Serebii and UPN), so could you please have a look at that?
    11. Arc_Angel
      Delete your post and make another one. If you are not able to do that then just repost and I'll delete your old one.
      Just a word of caution though, you also posted something else on your previous post that shouldn't be there and if it appears on the new post I won't be sending you a test.
    12. Kantomasta
      hey Arc_Angel, i redid my app for Fizzy Bubbles, but just realized my mistake. I forgot hmeboard in title. My computer is stupid and wont let me edt/delete, so am I going to have to wait for someone else so i dont double post? Or does telling you make anything different?
    13. Akinai
      I completely forgot that posts could have different titles... registration post edited.
    14. benmac
      I posted on he Fizzy Bubbles Registration thread. Please send me the registration test ASAP. :)
    15. Buoy
      Just a quick question, because I'm not so sure: was I supposed to choose a Starter Pack before adding myself to the FB Membergroup? The Registration Thread seems to say that, but your PM suggested something different. It's just a little conflicting is all.

      Thanks in advance.
    16. Spirit (Roze)
      Spirit (Roze)
      Whoops. I didn't know that messages could have titles. Registration for fizzy bubbles edited.
    17. Silver Wind
      Silver Wind
      Visitor messaging. :p
    18. Ruckus Jorgee
      Ruckus Jorgee
      Arc-Angel, don't you know some way Cycling Road can contact Kirby or do I have to try someone else for help?
    19. Ruckus Jorgee
      Ruckus Jorgee
      Hi Arc_Angel. I've heard of you. Can you read your pm please? Our friends need help and contacting info for a smod on the serebiiforums.
    20. Arc_Angel
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  • About

    Jul 11, 1984 (Age: 32)
    Amongst the dead
    Community Staff Nurse
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Sableye / Yamirami
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Favorite Region:
    Hoenn / Hōen
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Ecruteak City Fog Badge
    Female, 5'7" tall, long light brown hair and blue eyes

    Pokemon, Stargate SG-1, Buffy, Angel