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  • Let's see >.< Unfortunately horror usually comes in hand with gore so it's kinda hard. One of the only things I can think of it's Paranormal Activity, did you watch it?

    Wow :eek: I only have left game of first, fifth and sixth gen qwq

    Btw! I bet you knew about this already but it doesn't hurt to share in case you didnt >.< They modified some dogs to be more muscular.. Tho the modified dog in the pic looks too weird imo >.<
    It still does >.< I did try that too. Tho I didn't risk myself much besides some molotov cocktails.

    Oh my :c How is that going?
    That's worse.. I am hoping it's benign. Why are they waiting so much?

    Ohhh so that's what you meant in the PM, I am sorry for not reading your VM before replying to it.
    So trying to protect it something worse happened, that really sucks.. Did you try to fix it then?

    Amazing! :D It strickingly similar to the swords in Legend of Zelda. Show me when you are done? :eek:
    I am from Paraguay but still, around here isn't that much of a thing :c Have you ever went for candy?
    Ohh I know it :eek: Didn't watch it unfortunately. I am gonna watch a loooooooooot of horror movies this month! :D Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!

    Those old games will worth a lot, in money and sentimental value qwq I still wanna know if my Red team got deleted already. But I have yet to buy a game boy, I will feel really sad if they got erased but eh, c'est la vie.

    Wow o.o If she likes your ideas you can work together :D You get into a similar field and make the dreams true! Two heads are better than one after all.
    Shiny stone :3
    Sure sure >w> Everything is safe from fire with you heh.

    Ohh did something happen with the medicine? :c How are you feeling now?

    Please don't worry >.< I hope you are alrighty. Your grandma? xD How come?
    :c True. What other movies have you watched recently? :eek:

    I don't :c If I had it I would be playing it already.
    Hmmm, it depends on the conditions and how the seller is :eek: You can get some cheap ones but I am sure they won't be in a good status or lack the internal battery. Do youo want to get it?

    Oh I know :O I just want a minccino! All fluffy and cute~ She can play with your growlithe! It's funny both our fav pokés evolve by stones.
    As long as he doesn't burn anything >.<

    Oh please don't worry, I know how days can become. I sometime have some free time yet I am too tired to do things and end up slacking off. Is school being hard? :c

    Sorry for not being available :c I was too busy and tired to log in and arrange. If you are avalaible at night I just EV trained a lot of things :D
    That's amazing ^^ Tell me tell me~ How did you like them? :)

    Oh I love kirby! :D I didn't play all the games but I did play the gba and ds ones so I know how it goes, it's a simple game with tons of color and fun. Which ones did you play? c: Tho I am just centralized around soem genres and companies. My focus is always RPGs and horror games, and the genres I play the less are sports and shooters. So if you talk to me about those I am gonna be really lost xD
    Unfortunately I don't have a GC :c But yeah GC games are really expensive, what time does to them. You see those SNES games that wasn't much now costing a lot for time value
    And sell it :p

    Yaaaaay ^^
    Ohhh xD I have mine right by my side too, she loves to sleep here so I got her a basket and some blankets so she can stay. She sleeps all night xP

    I live in a city so I'd love to live more in the outskirts, peace -w-
    (I am not gonna laugh .w.)
    omg I just remembered How to train your dragon xDDD Have you watched it?

    Oh! >w< I am not gonna spoil but it's about a skilled thief who gets in dangerous stuff and have to find the truth and stuff using his stealth abilities. Iirc there are 3 games xD You should che--- OMG I didn't realize, I am reccomentding too much stuff >.< Sorry! Reccomend me something too~!
    Sounds complex o.o But if you can Master it's impressive c:
    I love how people customize their stuff, when you see those amazing consoles too. They are sometimes better than the ones companies makes as special editions !

    My dream is a minccino >w< The fluffiest and cutest!
    VAP? o.o

    Soo cool :D Middle of nowhere or not I think it's a cool place!
    Omg xD The womas wasn't mean but she was kinda sarcastic, it got me upset xD
    Wowwww! Sot the dragon is your boat??

    I give them that, I buy things sometimes. It's nice to have a cold glass of coca cola in a hot day when you are on your way home. Tho I was thinking that contraband is what helps a lot of them (you know, illegaly bought things from the border with Brazil). They sell illegal products and don't pay taxes which is bad of course and affects the country, but what else can they do? I mean the government doesn't do anything and the principal politic has been for over 60 years rotting the country.. if we are at it they are a bunch or robber rats, hence why the country is like this. Forget what I just said xD I am thinking things too hard.

    Thieves are the best xD All mysterious and skilled. Like ninjas.. .w. I remembered this awesome game called Thief. Have you played it?
    Did you learn some sword techniques? :eek:
    Just expect to see it in online all the time xD There's a lot we don't know about it tho, so we can just wait :eek: At first I thought the 100% form was a fusion xD Since it has both Xerneas and Yveltal colors.
    I just checked and wow o.o They are so amazing! The remind me of Bioshock. I bet it's really hard to make them look like that, the exact colors and the shadows. I wouldn't have guessed it was the nef one. So have you tried it?

    Agreed :D Some pokes are gonna be really easy, like our Lord and savior Bidoof xD
    I never had a dog so I am not used to them :/

    Oh of course, security first :eek: I'd love to hang out with you sometime too! ^^ And win you in a paintball match huehuehuehue Tho for once I am not in America, so not even a random place to meet up will work until I can move out. :c
    Just for info to locate you on a map, what state are you from?
    Now I will let you know :D I like the fact of being a Dragon Hunter heh~
    So so xD I have to go tomorrow to the dentist, maybe I will lose all my teeth :B

    Oh my :c We have a lot of homeless people too. In centric zones you can see a lot of them, asking for money. And a lot of poor people selling coke, sweets, cookies, and whatever you can imagine. I am not insensitive for the record, but seeing all this since I was little formes a sorta apathy. Maybe apathy is the wrong word, but it's something along those lines. I mean there's so many people on the streets.. You wish you could something but you know you can't anything alone. The govenment is so rotten and every time it just gets worse, unless everyone stands up and is decided to change this is gonna stay like this.

    Woot congrats :D For another record I am not asking for a pic of you but could I see your clothes? >.< I really want to see them!
    Wow :eek: That's really cool, I mean you actually want to know about what you enjoy. What do you think about the new forms? And maaaaan, NERF! Do you still play? It's been really long since I heard about them :c

    So technically you'd have to mix up DNA of a tiger too? It'd make sense since Arcanine has a fur similar to tiger one. I guess it can be done two, they both are mammals.
    Pfft xD And who's gonna make the calculus?

    Bows I am no match for you uwu
    *hugs back tighly and the gets all dizzy from the shaking*
    Sorry sorry >o< Been having some rough spots at life again, and it's been hard to log in daily here. Tho now I am actually back for real! I am sorry for dissapearing like this. And d'awww that's so sweet of you, sorry for worrying you again >w< If you have Skype or any place where I can contact you send it via pm :p (don't worry, I am not asking for phone number or anything, geez that'd make me creepy). Let's breath uwu

    And talking about sad things, have you watched the video of the vagabond who slept in front of a store? It's really sad and it was a hugs hit in social newtorks recently. Man some things we do unaware of the truth. It made me sniffle a bit.. But no need to watch it if you didn't!
    Then it's much better if you don't >.< Tho I can understand that, since it works on the nerves.

    We have to get If too :D

    What about you? :3 I mean your outfit, what will you roleplay and what level are you?. I bet you will look awesome in a warior one! o/ Come on take out Arcaknight!

    I just read a bit, and it was about cloning.. so I can't say much myself either >o<. I think Golden Retriever will make a good base! For the shape and such I mean.
    I thought you didn't like math :B jk, but if we can make 3d organs we can do this too.

    UGH! :< Just there! Man those fellas were straight to finish ya, you are a death threat! But only twice is amazing, that's called skills and speed! o/
    S'okay :c I won you there, sorry I have been away for a few weeks. But I am back :D And pls, all conversation with friends are important! So it is and it is :p
    Well I can look for one if you want :p So try what recipe I share?

    Poor :c But I can understand. It was really sad and it shows a reality sometimes we aren't aware of. Have you watched other videos like that?

    I see :O 3 really does sound better. Which ones your sister participates in? How do you revive/revive someone?

    It totally is :D Let me know if you try it eh?

    Ohhh I like that ^^ Sorry for implying you were mean like some people :c . No wonder you like you like growlithe line so much :p 3! How are they called? ^^ tell me more bro!
    What the.. I didn't know about that! It's stunning honestly, create DNA, I can't process it right now honeslty. Think about all the things we can do with that possibility!

    Hehe xD We didn't have a referee, to use it was being shot a certain amount of times to "die" until only one team lasts. Tho only two people doesn't sound too interesting,.
    Image is broken :c
    Strawberry is the best tho -w- )/

    *hands a calculator and algebra book* SUFFER DUDE! SUFFER! >:D

    You mean this video of this guys' life and his reason to go to war? It's the only video I relate to what you told me. Correct me if I am wrong, tho it was really sad :c

    Ohhh I know of them! Tho I never went to one, most I can count as an experience of the sorts are the cosplay acts and stuff in conventions. Roleplaying can be really fun if everyone knows their part of the play, it'd be cool to so it sometime you know ^^ Are you willing to try out too?

    I never tried them >.< Do they have Awakening style? If they have the same style I am sure I will love it myself :3

    I don't know a thing about genetic manipulation and how far it can really get, but even if the idea is amazing and tempting.. I mean have your own pokémon! I am thrown back by the failing attemps that can be done before getting to the final growlithe, scientific experiments and things can be horrible and 100 mutated and deformed little puppies are something I'd rather put in the back of my mind.
    As for the last part, I am surprised it can actually be possible o.o Where did you get all that? It's stunning man! :D

    Tell me more about that >:D I just know of a paintball place in my zone honestly :/
    For real? That's amazing ^^ Let me see let me see~~ What kinda pie?

    I hope the best for her then :) Taking well along with your sisters must be really nice~
    Wow really? o.o Such a coincidence. Heh weird indeed but I can understand that, I have met people shy and quiet like that that turned out to be great mates :D Friends for how long now?

    Oh my xD Does it look like a mareep on fire? o; !! Tho did you just find out looking around or someone told you?

    Link? :p

    omg when I just read that I thought of Operative System xD But nope I don't :c what is it?

    Hmmm, I only have Awakening :/ But it's a pretty good game! What about you?

    Really now? o.o How?

    And thanks~~ ^^ )/ I had my fun heh.
    Apple Crisp is really yummy too :3 Great improvisatation man :D

    Oh >o<

    Woah psychical damage is something else entirely :/ It can get worse.

    Oh no I get'cha, withoiut fire we wouldn't too many things. From a hot coffee and a cooked BBQ to life in cold places. Humanity would have dissapeared in the Ice Age and such too, so yup! We owe a lot to fire. >:D
    Cookies and pies :9 You will make a girl really happy with that~~

    As in format change? o.o

    I am glad to know that (that you are not easily offended). Hmm my sister is kinda similar, she can be laughing with me a second, the next time she can take bad something and almost attack me. It's hard to deal with her when she is mad, we had been having more fights recently :/
    About your sister, there are tests to know that as far as I remember. I mean it will affect her personal relationships >.<
    o.o; Man.. That's scary.. And you want to dance with the fire after seeing that? Are you not scared of it?
    Sevin? o.o Never heard of it, well it's not like I am too much into gardening anyways .w.; So it's for vegetables and such?
    Let's be honest, it's hard to resist fast food and sweets.. qwq

    Wait, how did they got erased then? I am not sure how did your pc files could have been.. I am sorry :(

    I'd rather not ask, it sounds like a delicate matter. I am sorry to know that again.
    Well yeah, the project might still go but it might lose totally the original idea. I hope they don't mess his work.
    Binge watching rocks! >:D
    Amazing >:D
    Is it because of your condition? :c
    Honeslty I try to avoid eating soy related products myself, a great part of it (what we get here) it's produced on the frontier by Brazilians and they use a lot of pesticides. But I like your diet ^^ It's really healthy, I don't well myself so I admire people who can. :)

    Oh my no :c What saved files tho? You mean of previous flyings?

    o.o.... Ha.. Have you seen corpses?
    Such a shame :c Noone will pick up the project?
    Well pokemon it's an anime :p So it counts. All the seasons? :eek:
    Ohh amazing :D Please noone will know about your diet >w> I hope it was fun!
    Heh I know, I have seen friends fail miserably with diet because of things like those emergency diets. Really don't people see how harmful they will be? If you could actually lose all that weight and not harm yourself everyone would do them. What kind of diet do you follow?

    Perfect :D One step closer~

    Ahaha I can understand that~
    omg >.< Mine usually doesn't just turn off but freezes lots. Having both Photoshop and Skype open at the same time it's a long Utopia now >.>; Do you know what happens to yours?

    Mystery eh? :eek: Most of them as I said are tied with horror (which means blood). Oh did you like it? :3 Ah! Really now? Oh my I didn't know.. :c When did it happen?
    Iirc sub is with subtitles and dub is dubbed :eek:
    Action/adventure/comedy.. Have you watched Inuyasha, Shaman King, Kill La Kill. Soul Eater? :eek:
    Campfire~! You know? I will buy a bag of them >:eek: I will cook them somewhere. Do you like them?

    But taking out the RC battery and replacing it.. Nothing bad with mods tho xD What about modding and the battery? Or it won't work?

    OMG XD Don't be so mean with the TV! I mean I know there are terrible ads but eh qwq I am watching more TV lately. Since my laptop is worse every day, it freezes a lot for everything now..

    I can help there :D I am not anime girl but I have a certain knowledge of some in my opinion good animes, tho you killed me if you don't like gore xD Since horror is my fav genre, and well gore and horroe are hand by hand. Tho tell me, what anime genre do you like? :3
    Warm >w< I suddenly felt the need to eat those white things you see in all cartoons that gets cooked in the bonfire. Uhhh... Marshmallows? Just bring the guitar and the food!

    o_O Your sis must be really good then ^^ I have a fixation for knights so if they are there it's a duper plus!

    Aw :c Well you tried ^^ That's better than not even bothering. Let me know if.. no if, when you mod it :D I am sure it will be piece of cake for you.

    Feel ya totally :/ Some commercial breaks can be too long for my liking, and you sometime watch the same one in every one.. I barely watch TV honestly, mostly the Simpson on FOX and the news. But for Steven Universe I got too used to the english voices and songs since I started watching them subbed online, I was watching the old episodes dubbed and you know that feeling? As in it just doesn't click. Do you prefer subbed or dubbed stuff? :eek:

    I am glad :D Come on Growly! o/
    Ohhh :eek: We don't have those here.. Do you go to them a lot?

    Your skills! And you passed the test, you are officially allowed to mod it :3 Tho whatever it's easier, building the battery seems harder xD

    Yaaaaay :D Let me know what you think of it if you ever watch it eh? c:

    Amazing ^^ Maybe you are getting used to it? :eek:
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