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  • Nope, you reserved it in my giveaway. ;) Just bring fodder I can delete. My fc is 2965 4468 0248. btw can you say thanks in my thread afterwords to bump up my thread a bit? XD
    "Hey I'd love to get my hands on TM23 (Iron Tail). Can't offer any shinies or anything, but I have an assortment of other TMs, items, or I can get you a pokemon from SoulSilver that is hard to get elsewhere."
    If I haven't done this trade yet, contact me via VM ASAP. I am getting rather forgetful.
    I've probably got a spare one somewhere, can't exactly check right now, but anyway, if i do have another one ill take natu for it.
    Hey, Sunbbull and Smeargle for TM81 (energy ball) and eh I forgot, the other one you want (ill just check the thread for it) and I can trade tomorrow.
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