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  • Yeahh the last english course made it worse for me. >.>;; It took me 20 mins to write 1 sentence. >.<
    Subjects? Art count? xD Otherwise science. I used to like english but...I kinda hate writing. xD
    Always true. xD And dear gawd I know the feeling, it's worse when the teacher can't teach. Which happened a lot to me. xD
    Yeah Im playing on a emulator and have it sped up so I just breeze through the game. xD Oh do you have school or something?
    I know the feeling. xD I restarted on my HG since I transferred all my pokes. If you really like the anime yeah I can agree. x3
    I may be hooked on emerald. The moemon are just too cute. xD And really? That's great! Cause I kinda hate waiting for subs to come out. ^^;;
    Yeah I started playing emerald. xD
    I didn't finish Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi yet. I've been busy around my house. :p
    And is Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ongoing or finished? :eek:
    mmm... just double checking- wat game u using?
    i might need to switch back to using my 3ds... could be the wifi on my normal ds...
    hey Kluke,
    im now ready to do the trade ;)
    whats ure FC? (i cant seem to find it)
    mines- 2280-0156-8317
    lol... i've been trya get rid of him for ages... but i have loads of pokemon... maybe i'll give you 1 from my old team... they r high leveled (lvl-70 to 100) well u can pick something u like on the day... ;)
    merry Christmas :)
    just to say i'm gona be out for most of tomorrow without access to wi-fi, so i'll message you when i'm home... we'll be able to trade then.
    thanks :)
    oh, and would you like a shiney semitoad at lvl 38? i have other pokemon so if u want anything different just ask annd i'll see what i can do :D
    Merry Christmas! And I started Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi and I'll say I'm loving it so far. <3
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