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Recent content by ArtemiSerebii

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    Notice #VivillonVendredi

    I have Modern as my native Vivillon and several spare Elegants for trade. I also have one spare Tundra with a Japanese name. I have one spare Savanna as well. I HAVE ONE SPARE MONSOON--ALERT, ALERT, ALERT PLEASE NOTE I *HAVE* ONE SPARE MONSOON FOR TRADE! I'm looking for the following...
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    NeoRocketShipping -- Help with evidence, please!

    I'm trying to build the NeoRocketShipping page, that is, a page for evidence favoring a romantic relationship between Butch and Cassidy (Kosaburo and Yamato--YamaKosa? KosaYama? Help me name the Japanese version would you?) Trouble is, it's been so many years since I've seen the episodes I...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Shuckle Rare Candy Okay, so apparently they removed the capacity for a Shuckle to produce a Rare Candy from an Oran Berry in Gen V. It used to be able to produce one from Berry-->Berry Juice-->Rare Candy in Gen II, Oran Berry-->Berry Juice-->Rare Candy in Gen III and I think that continued...
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    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    Gold: Gyarados, Ditto (Mimic Gen 1 trick), Zubat, Nidoran ♀ Sapphire: Zigzagoon (natural, not Berry Fix), Spinda Platinum: Drifloon--*BOY* was I surprised when I walked up to the Valley Windworks that Friday! Black: Only the three Transferred Legendary Beasts, no wild encounters yet :(
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) How long does it take Shuckle to produce a Rare Candy from an Oran Berry?
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Any other moves like Sky Drop? Was wondering if any other moves were like Sky Drop in that it is a "regular" move, that is, not a signature move (in this case, a TM) that be learned by more Legendary than non-Legendary Pokemon? Sky Drop can be learned by 9 Legendary but only 7 non-Legendary...
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    Favorite Soundtrack?

    Re: Do you like the games' music? Which Gen. is your favorite? ^This, thanks Chromas Hoenn bike theme FTW! Frequently I will catch myself humming the Pokemon Center theme...[/nerd] Verdanturf Town. Just...Verdanturf Town. And Slateport City. (w00t!) Route 111's pretty good, too. Oreburgh...
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    Books need updating!

    >.< [*facepalm*] Your enlightenment is appreciated. Thank you, and goodnight...<*slinks off*>
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    Books need updating!

    Alrighty--do we have a VIZ media section?
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    Books need updating!

    Must...correct...pages...and...cannot... So...frustrated... :scared: At any rate, Tracey West needs two additions: * Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of the Forest Sticker/Storybook http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Ever-Forest-Sticker-Storybook/dp/0439389208/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276825981&sr=1-2...
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    Do you think any current Pokémon will have Evolutions or Preevolutions?

    Re: Do you think any current Pokemon will have Evolutions or Preevolutions? Expecting a devolution for Tangela and Lickitung. "Tangvine" and "Lickit," respectively, at least so my fan names have it. Thinking on it, a "baby" (devo-ed) Skarmory could be kinda' neat, though. I can easily...
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    Legendaries = Pantheon?

    Didn't see that anyone had replied to this thread until now--thanks, peeps! And yes, ForeverandNevermore, you make some good points.
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    Ecology of Orre?

    Honestly, I *HATE* post-apocalyptic sci-fi, but having studied info. about Orre (never played Colo/XD, unfortunately...My knowledge of consoles stopped with SNES, thank you, but studied Orre heavily...) there seems to be a certain whiff of "After The End" about it. Such is even referenced in...
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    Legendaries = Pantheon?

    Bear with me a minute here. On another forum I had seen someone speculating as to the origin of the Legendaries. I posted my thoughts on the matter but as my post landed at the end of the thread so far it hasn't gotten any response and I'd genuinely like to know what fellow Pokefans think. I...
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    Pokemon Nightmare Fuel

    It's 108 damned spirits, BTW. And yes, THAT would not be something whose Pokeball I wanted to open while I slept. That is all.