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  • This is my White team so far, and these are other possible members (except the legends. I just put them there because those are the only ones I like this gen, I'm not actually going to use them.)

    That's an interesting ability, lots of possibilities with it.
    That's awesome sauce! Pokémon: The Franchise that just won't die! :D (Same for Mario and LoZ. Surprised that the latter isn't up there in sales. Sure it isn't too popular in its country of origin, but worldwide I thought it does pretty well.) Knew Tetris would be up there, didn't think The Sims would be.

    I just use Mons I like, regardless of how well they do in the metagame or whatever you call it. Not sure about the movepools of the new Pokés since I haven't looked them up save for a few moves here and there, but doesn't Jaroda have a Dream World (not quite sure what that is either) ability that switches one stat for another...or something like that? (Apologies if I make little sense, I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about here.)
    You mean second most successful Nintendo series right? (Or is it for all videogames? I know it's very popular, but I'm not sure of how it stacks up to series on other consoles.)

    Lol reminds me of this video (apologies if you've seen it already.)

    Yet another point we agree on. I don't hate the Meganium line, but it is my least favorite starter. Doesn't really appeal to me. I do like Ash's Bayleef though.

    I'm more concerned about moves than stats, since I don't do competitive battling or care two shits about them, I just play for the story and all the wonderful creatures that inhabit the PokéWorld. I'd battle other people too if I had Wifi.
    ((Split into 2 VMs because I talk too much ))
    Most definitely. Plus, he wasn't exactly a nice guy. With Dent you may have the certain characteristics that are labeled as 'gay,' but overly-sensitive religious groups can't say that he's evil in anyway like they might have been able to claim with Harley. (Even that is kinda iffy. You think that with a show about 10yr olds forcing creatures into cockfights people would have better things to worry about lol.) And yes, Dent is awesome. Another thing we can agree on~

    It's definitely not gonna stop anytime soon. We'll all probably be old coots when it finally ends. All those poor children of the future who will have to listen to our ramblings of "the good ol' days of Pokémon" lol.
    I guess I can see why people are sick of the repetition a little, but the whole series is based on rinse and repeat. It's always Grass, Fire, and Water for starters, it's always 8 badges, and there's always an evil team to fight. Not to mention a crapload more. My favorite starter is the Wotter. It's so cute and Ash's is freakin' hilarious xD (Hopefully it won't be overabused like Piplup was though.)

    You don't like The 'Saur!? Blasphemy I say! jk. I like all of the starters, but some I like more than others. Agree with you on this gen's bunch, they're all awesome.
    It would probably end up being a badass-looking gym :D or at least I hope it would. (Yeah, that's the only fault I find with the little piggy, another fire/fighting starter. But otherwise I think people are blowing it way out of proportion. It's not like we've ever had Pokémon with the same typing before. Regardless, it's still uber cute <3)

    I doubt other than a few small groups that anyone will care. Pokémon isn't as big of a fad now as it was when it first came out, so preachers and any other people who want to waste their time ranting about it will be drowned out in lieu of other more news-worthy material. When Harley debuted no groups complained (that I know of anyway), and he was pretty flamboyant. Dent won't make many of those nutjobs give a second glance, so I see no reason to worry.
    Iris is 10 imo. No interest anymore in the show? I like Dento because of his personality (he's gay in both senses of the word lol), his fabulous looks, and his seiyuu is Mamoru Miyano (<3 that guy.) Yeah, what the hell? Isn't Dark the only one we don't have a gym of?
    Volkner looks like he's in his early 20s, but that's could just be me. (Correct. 'bout time too!) If she is I wouldn't know about it, I'm avoiding spoilers concerning B&W's plot and extra info on the gym leaders (All I know about them is what they look like and what type is their specialty.)

    I'm not sure if he still is, I don't read any of the manga unless people give it to me as a gift. Very true. I'm thinking he's gay too, just because of all the little "hints" he's had towards Ash so far (not to mention his fabulous poses~) If he starts showing hints towards Iris I might change the theory to bi, but either way he shows an interest in guys.

    Bulbapedia doesn't say anything about their ages, but they seem to be around 15 to me.
    =O I only knew Surge's outfit was of the military. Thanks for the info!
    Maybe because she's too young to be in the military? I thought she was in her late teens.

    Just because one has kids doesn't necessarily make one straight. My mom's co-worker has a brother who had three daughters before finally coming out of the closet.
    I like to go with the theory that Koga is bi. He loved his wife deeply, but unfortunately she passed away when Janine was young. Koga became a lot more cold to the world and everyone in it, other than a few close associates, his daughter, and his Pokémon. Then Surge came along and he became more friendly again. That's the shortened version of my theory anyway. She probably wasn't mentioned because she has no relevance to the plot/story (for the manga anyway. Games were not as big on plot back then.)
    Most likely it is that, I was just making lame jokes/crack theories.

    Nope, I wasn't expecting anyone to be involved in the military at all this Gen, since the only time we had any hints of war was with Surge in Gen I.

    ToxicBolt = Surge x Koga
    People are going to do what they're going to do. Try not to let it get you down though =)

    I'd prefer them to be uncle and niece or cousins since I've been converted to ToxicBoltshipping. Now that you say that, you're right, all the Electric gym leaders are blonde xD Must have had quite a few arguments with their Mons (either that or there's some hidden law/code that forbides people of other hair colors to be Electric leaders.)

    That would be sweet. It probably won't happen, but I could see them doing it because it's not that big of a retcon (they've been retconing a few of the gym leaders eye colors it seems.)
    So as not to get more off-topic in the N x White thread, I'll post here. People just use whatever names they feel like it seems. I generally use Touko and Touya to refer to them now, but others either don't care or don't know that their official names were revealed because they're avoiding spoilers.
    I liked your theory that you posted in the Volkner vs. Kamitsure thread:
    "That does make me wonder if Lt. Surge is from Isshu? I mean Isshu is based on NY (THE US) so... maybe Kamitsure could be his Daughter/Niece/Cousin"
    Never thought of that before. It's an interesting idea.
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