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  • Again, it was a way to improve Blaziken, who was outclassed by Infernape. They didn't know Speed Boost could make him more broken than the monkey. Also, they can't use Fire/Ground nor Fire/Steel on a starter. For the former, Fire starters are always given sub-par defenses, so the 4x Water weakness will make it worse (Swampert is backed up by bulk to make it not easily OHKO'd by a 4x Grass move), and for the latter, see if you can think of any idea for an animal that fits that typing.
    When will you understand that GF does care about the metagame, even Joshawott told me himself. They pay close attention to which Pokemon is being used more often, and they develop counters to nerf them for next gen.
    I'm not saying it won't make it to OU, but the question is whether or not it'll be comparable to Venusaur. I don't know what the answer to that is.
    Trust me, Heatran is a BIG threat. And you have to watch out for Chansey/Blissey too. Not to mention you're gonna need an opening to switch in, which is actually a lot harder than it sounds.
    Maybe. It's certainly an option, but there are other moves out there that don't provide redundant coverage with Leaf Storm.
    Who knows. It's hard to gauge how good Contrary will be for it until it's actually released.
    Synthesis will heal less in other weathers, which all the inducers will automatically summon. Only sunlight will help Synthesis rather than hinder it.
    This is a discussion you should be having with Lord Clowncrete, but yeah, Serpy can take out all the opposing weathers in theory, just like most Grass types.
    Fun fact: Venusuar didn't get EQ until Gen III.

    If they were going for a retro feel that harkened back to Generation I, that might explain it.

    Samurott has no excuse though.
    It did take a level in badass, and I think we all hope Gen VI will be kind to him. *cough*Earthquake*cough*
    I dunno. I want my Power Whip Chlorophyll Venusaur and my Water Spout Rain Dish Blastoise, Goddamnit!!!
    It'll probably be illegal because Glare is an Egg move (unless something happened in BW2 that I haven't heard about) and all DW Starters we've recieved thus far have been male. Ergo, they cannot breed their DW Abilities to their offspring.

    But who knows, maybe the Johto and Unova Starters will be female only. I doubt it though.
    The issue I have with D-Tail (and the reason its used mostly on defensive 'mons) is its negative priority, which would put Serpy's great speed to waste. Its BP is also unimpressive, and as I said before, you can't rely on your opponent letting you boost enough to become competent.

    In practice, most people can only get one turn of setup before they're forced to go on the offensive or risk losing momentum. You'd have to make a party specifically tailor made to help Serperior boost up if you want to get 3+ Coil boosts on a regular basis (think Screens, Hazards, spinner and possibly [Wish]Cleric.) Even then, Whirlwind is still a very prominent threat that could screw up all your efforts.

    I'm a fan of Synthesis (for longevity) Glare (always nice) and Taunt (to shut down Pokemon that might wanna try and set up on you) for the Contrary set. Unfortunately, odds are Contrary+Glare will be illegal, so that just leaves Synthesis and Taunt. Of the two, I think Synthesis is the better move (lest you're under unfavorable weather.)
    Spinda and Shuckle don't have Leaf Storm

    Serpy doesn't have a great physical movepool. His physical moves of note consist of Leaf Blade, Return/Frustration, and Aqua Tail (possibly Outrage, but you already know the reservations I have with that move.) It still baffles me that it doesn't get Earthquake.

    HP Fire works well enough for coverage. Seriously, my sun sweeping Venusaur has swept entire teams after just one turn of Growth with the excellent coverage provided by Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball (recently changed to Giga Drain,) and HP Fire.

    I will never understand Game Freak's decision to not give Grass types Earth Power. If all Fire types get Solarbeam, and everyone and their mother gets Grass Knot, why not give Earth Power to Grass types? Can you imagine how devastating Venusaur, Sceptile and Serperior would be with that move? Even Meganium can use it for useful coverage. And don't even get me started on the likes of Roserade and Lilligant.
    The thing about Contrary Leaf Storm is that it lets him set up a hefty attack boost while still maintaining an offensive pressure on the opponent. I literally can't think of any other Pokemon in the game's history who has been able to do that. Usually, you want to set up and then attack. Contrary lets Serperior do both at once.

    The problem is that this tactic is nearly impossible to mimic, so I can't exactly use that before Contrary gets released, which in turn means I can't accurately gauge how much power (or lack thereof) it'll give Serperior before the fact.

    The closest I can come to is a Calm Mind set, which as you know, is laden with its own problems.
    My theory is that maybe NU is just a more defensive metagame than OU, though I can't back this up because I haven't played NU in a good long while.
    The thing is, most of the time, you can't rely on your opponent letting you set up to +6 or even +3. +2 will be on a good day, so I dunno.

    Btw, I just finished testing out CM Serperior on PO NU. Since it caught most people by surprise, I usually got a few boosts. However, I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the damage output. Even at +4, it couldn't KO some of the bulkier Pokemon in NU. Hell, I outright couldn't KO Musharna, period. Butterfree had to handle the thing with a lucky Critical Bug Buzz. To be fair, it was a Calm Mind Musharna that kept boosting every time I did. That said, Maractus wasn't KO'd by my +2 Dragon Pulse and Cinccino actually outsped and KO'd me before I could even attack.

    If this is a sign of things to come, I'm starting to think Contrary Serpy might need a power boost after all. I'm gonna see if it does better with a different Hidden Power (I was using Rock) and maybe a Life Orb.
    Moving the convo here because the thread's getting WAY too off-topic.

    Anyone who manages to get their boosts will become a monster. That much is obvious.

    Serpy might actually do pretty good in a rain setting, now that you mention it. While I'd rather use Ludicolo or Ferrothorn as my Rain team Grass type, Serpy doesn't seem like a bad choice at all.
    About the teams I can't think of anything that would be a great help, have you checked through Smogon?
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