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  • I'm very good. I am always after some black and white news i gess it will be just fantastic, right now i'm soft resecting a torchic. I'm hoping that one is shiny! why does this thing as to be so hard?!
    TM 76 sounds fine, can never have enough of those. Has your FC changed, I believe I still have one for you in my Pal Pad?
    Hey, sorry I missed you earlier. Any one/two of those items would be fine, your call. You are a regular customer so don't feel obligated to trade items you need to keep :]
    Smokedbacon is a win name. My brother came up with it. I don't like Mijumari (wotter). Simple as.
    I also prefer the Regis than Dialga and Palkia

    Have you signed up for the shiny pokemon social group yet? I don't think I've seen you there...
    I don't really like wotter, but smokedbacon and smugleaf have great potential IMO. I don't really like the new legends, although the way the camera moves throughout battle is so cool.
    Yeah I kind of got really active on the forums. Well that and the Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread. I got at least a 1000 of my posts there. :D
    How did you find the E4 I thought it wasn't too bad. I only beat it cause I taught Lugia Charge Beamand got a boost everytime so I was able to take out the dragons no problem =P
    Damn you noticed me when I cahnged my name
    Just joking =D
    Glad you finally got Lugia, with great IVs!

    I'm not up to much. I've been spending a lot of time on the forums though (check my postcount xD)
    I am the owner of this Shiny Club, but unfortunately it's been closed right now because the mods want us to make social groups instead, but I'm working on re-opening the club right now...if it's not it'll have to be made a social group OK?
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