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  • I'm a collector at heart which is why these games are so addictive for me. I have a complete dex on both emerald and diamond and am currently working on a shiny dex. I have a lot of good pokemon up for trade and will trade almost any of these for ANY legit shiny I don't have. I have for trade:
    XD Lugia lv 100 Mattle HO-OH Space C Deoxys lv 75
    Wishmkr Jirachi lv 5 mystry Mew lv 10 bounus disc Celebi lv 10
    Pokebox Swablu, Zigzagoon, & Skitty
    10Aniv: Celebi lv 70, Latios lv70, Latias lv70, Suicune lv76, Rikou lv72, Entei lv74, Articuno lv70, Moltres lv70 , Zapdos lv70, Dragonite lv70, Espeon lv70, Umbreon lv75, Tyranitar lv72, Typhlosion lv71, Chaizard lv70 10Anniv: HO-OH lv70, Lugia lv70, Pikachu lv70
    Shiny Metagross lv50 *Shiny Groudon lv70 *Shiny Mewtwo lv70 *for these two I would like other shiny legends (I need the 3 regis, uxie, azelf, gritania, celebi, manaphy and jirachi)
    I also have all starters, legends, ect.
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