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  • I haven't really been playing HG too much D:

    Ruby is really distracting me now. I love using the Puck up trick and breeding some nice egg move Polemon, such as spark Wishcash and F.E.A.R. Dodue etc.

    Good luck with Lugia!
    Oh is it good? The E4 is way too easy I won my first attempt when all my team was lower than level 40 except for Lugia, Kanga and Miltank and they were all low 40's. Good Luck with the E4!
    Is beyond the sea the same as blue sea? I don't really like Town Outskirts there aren't really any rare Pokemon there if I remember correctly. I mostly do Hoenn Field but that's after the E4.
    Oh I still have to tell Ikuze. I doubt he'll mind though :)

    I'm in Kanto in SS now. Do you use the Pokewalker much I find I'm using it a lot lately
    Hi Arwen! It has been a REALLY long time. Got caught up in more mundane games on Facebook (lol!). How r u? I am pretty sure u have HG or SS (or both) already. Keep some shinies for me will ya! Hope to be back on more regularly. Bye for now.
    Thanks :) I don't really mind about the game that much anyway.

    I actually like Soft Resetting it's kinda relaxing, yeah I'm weird =P

    Anyway I don't really mind about the shop it was a bit annoying at times soooo...What are you up to?
    That's really good a few weeks ago I was trying to get a Lileep with good IV's eventually I got one with 31 in Speed and 20+ in everything else =)

    I just realised I forgot to tell you my file in Platinum got deleted. It had all the Pokemon for the shop in it, luckily GSP still has clones for when I start up a new file.

    Oh and I also got a shiny Beldum in Ruby 2 days ago after a little more than 500 SR's =P
    I was away for the last 10 days so I suppose I better say Happy Easter even though it is a little late xD

    Thanks for saying you like my avatars =P
    Oooo, road trip, exciting! In all honesty, I kinda forgot about Saturday, so never mind! VM a time you can trade and i'll get back to you. :ksmile:
    same, my church was all music-y. my family didn't come, but my immediate family had a good time. YAY! the chocolate is soo good!
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