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Arylett Charnoa
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  • Ok, after apple, then its me. i have made a rule. you cant post until 4-5 ppl have posted after yours since we got 5 total now. And there are 3 ppl in ur area. suprisingly, you met each other in a way.
    I see... I didn't know that indicated "instability of image", but really I don't think it even matters at all, personally.

    That's neat. What is the Pokeball thingy? lol

    Actually I can draw more than stick figures. I got told I was really good at drawing when I was young. I even got awards in elementary school, but in middle school I began to get frustrated with my abilities to drew and haven't done it much since. Even if I got to the point where I could actually draw good line-art, I wouldn't be able to color at all. I don't even have the slightest clue how to do that. lol
    Well, I can't see any flaws, much less any glaring flaws, so I don't know what you're talking about. It's a great drawing of Flareon, and the accessories are cute!

    I'd say something like "It's much better than I can draw", but with my skills, that wouldn't really be saying anything. xD =(
    Aww... Thanks. :embarass: As I've probably said before, it's mutual. On a somewhat random note, I've always loved your artwork. In fact, your artwork of Flareon made me realize it's actually a lot cuter than I had ever noticed before. xD
    Arylett! I randomly decided to join this forum today, and I was about to make my introduction when I noticed you're here! Hi, I'm Envy. You may have known me from a community of a certain cartoon about colorful ponies. If you remember me. I certainly remember you and am happy to see you here! =)
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