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Ash K.
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  • Added a link to my Stats page in my Pokemart post. I'll add it to my sig later. Hopefully that works? :)
    Can you also get me the list of all people in the URPG who should have mod powers including Officials who have section responsibilities that require mod powers?
    Ash K.
    Ash K.
    All: HKim, Ash K., Ataro, Monbrey, Smiles, swiftgallade46, WinterVines
    National Park: ChainReaction01 (?)
    Stories: kintsugi (?)

    I really don't know the sections well enough to know who needs it. Those two are Officials that are co-heads of a section, but ask @WinterVines and @Smiles for who exactly does need it for their sections. Siless is fine without in Contests, and the only Senior Ref who isn't a mod also isn't active even if they did need it (which they really don't). [I doubt those mentions work, but worth a try.]
    Currently busy, but can you find me the links to the following members:

    - Nitro
    - EmBreon
    - Princess Crow
    Wait just kidding, I'm looking at the TM Wishlist. Oh well! But thanks anyway. I think there's actually a more recent version of my Pe2k ones out there from when I had Cerulean Gym. I combined those with the InvisionFree ones to get what I have today! Totally forgot I had a Teddiursa at one point (definitely traded that away though).

    Anyway, thanks for taking a look, but I think I've got all I'm gonna get at this point, haha.
    Hmm well, looking at your stats the following things interest me:

    Gardevoir, Excadrill, Garchomp, and Mawile. Would you be willing to part with any of those?

    Also, because I'd want to trade the Pinsirite (obviously) too, there could be a duo of trades to even out values, as in one trade more in your favor, one more in mine.
    let me know ASAP or at least 72 hours beforehand. you can't just say you might make that time, because if you don't show up you could just say 'well i told you i might not be able to make it'.
    Hello! I'm new to the forums, and I was wondering how long it took usually for a starter request to be approved?
    ohnoes why is it you again

    I can do on either 27th (10pm-2/3am), or 29th/30th (on pretty much the whole day).
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