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  • You might want to just post your move if you want to finish it. It couldn't be finished before because you never posted a move. If we had both already posted pokemon/moves and there was no ref or the ref stopped reffing, then I'd say don't post. But I just asked a ref and they said we can continue it, even though my Riolu evolved into a Lucario 3+ months ago :p
    Hello? I'd really like to finish the battle, if possible. c:
    It's just sitting there, but I don't know if I'm allowed to reply because it's so old...
    None of those, sorry. Would you be interested in a Gyarados/Heracross/Ambipom perhaps?You'll have to add TMs for maybe Gyara and Hera though. And next time, just post on my wall, cause if you don't, I don't get the notification xP
    What of your pokes are you willing to give for it? I see most of them are heavily TM'd... I like Kingdra, Weavile, Salamence, Rhyperior, and Machamp, but I am open to other offers. The TMs I listed for Dusknoir are ones that I have that it can learn, but it doesn't have them yet.

    @evan: Blackthorn Gym has 3 WCs. I know have 2.
    In reference to your Dojo question, to avoid cluttering it - I imagine that they'll make allowances, much like the Dragon trainers have dragon-like Pokemon - Charizard, Aerodactyl - because afaik, the ghost dojo/gym has a similar problem.

    *shrug* What did the dragon gym leader wind up doing?
    I have a question is your Dojo able to be challenged early in the day EST, like are you on AIM at that time?
    Well right now I have 2 full evolutions and one semi evolution on hand

    So I can message you, or you can message me (AIM is Y2Beric) and we can talk out how many we use and the rules too
    I have 3 that need evolving and 7 total. The more the merrier :D

    Message me on AIM @ MewAlcadiesMew

    I will do a battle with any number, and may use up to 2 unevolved and 1 partially evolved.
    So how do you want to battle, 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3? Just so you know which ever way we battle I'll be using a basic
    I'll face you in like a day or so, I only say 2v2 cause right now I only have 2

    Also dont forget to PM Fierce Deity your FFA pokemon today or you cant be in that FFA
    Ebail- I most certaintly would. I can also do more than 2v2... Just message me when we are both on AIM or send exact rules and I will make thread. Prefer double battle.
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