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Ash K.
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  • I probably won't have time during the mornings this week,or the first half of next week. If I am on in the afternoon, JUST KEEP BUGGING ME. If I have time, I will accept the first person to declare a challenge at that time.

    Also, to those of you who think I've been avoiding all gym battles, I've asked two or three time in [URPG] "I challenge your gym or you challenge mine" and no one challenged. Now I know not everyone is in [URPG] but it is a majority afaik.
    So do you want Lass or not? Also, would appreciate it if you reffed the next turn of the battle. :X
    TMs I want on Slaking: Giga Impact, Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Return, Hyper Beam, Facade, Brick Break and Retaliate. To me, it seems like a fair trade. Slaking with 8 EMs for Froslass with 7. If you disagree, let me know. Take your time in obtaining those TMs if you don't have the money for them already.

    PM me when Slaking has them (and post in the thread as well), and then I'll post (and quote your post).
    hey, just letting you know; i only have 1 pokemon so we are getting payed for the battle vs. shuckle.
    positive reinforcement! :D
    Hey. Im on my mobile. Can you make sure someone C/p the last stats onto the forum. If you dont wanna do it yourself ask someone like syn or xali.
       ヽ.  '''''''::;;;;;:O`'':::::..、__           ,_
         ヽ.     ''''''''::;;;;;;;;;;;`''::::..、__         |ト、
         ヽ.____    ''';;;;;;;;;;;;`''::::..、__ ノノ l 
           ヾ,',',',',',',',`ヽ.      ''''';;;;;;;;;;;`:::':..、.|
            ヾ. ̄ ̄`ヽ〉          '''';;;;;;;;ヽ.
             ヽ        三三三彡     __,,,`:.,,________
              `ヽ.         ー―''''´'''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''_/
               ,ノ ヽ.        - 、         _,,. -''´
             ,,/   .ヽ.        ヽ.    _,,. ‐''´;;;ヽ.
          ,,/       j`ヽ.       `ー''´      ;;;;l 
         /_, --―――''´   `ヽ   SUCCESS    ;;;;|
          ̄             `ヽ.            ;;;;|
                         `ヽ.           ;;;;l
                           `ヽ.  .、       ;;;|
                             lヽ l ヽ.    .;;;|
                               | ヽ.|  ヽ.  .;;;|
                               └--ヾー-、l   ;;;|
                                l    .;; ;|
                                .l     ;;;|
                           _____l    .;;;|
                         <´:::::::::::::::::::::::...∧::; ;|
    Can you actually come on aim? There are people wanting to challenge your dojo and your dojo master spot thing. I would love to face you, but you don't come online. And you know you can't avoid us all, right?
    3 is minimum, but I prefer 6. Also, forum battles are WAY too much of a pain, especially for long battles.... If you have/can get AIM that would make things a lot easier; if it is impossible for you I will try to do a forum battle but I will probably keep forgetting about it or something, not to mention how long each turn takes. If you get an AIM IM me at MewAlcadiesMew and/or MewAshMew.

    Ash K.
    Dragon Dojo Sensei
    Maybe, but I don't really think I'll have a chance to actively participate in NP though.... Why?
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