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  • Well I'm definitely out of ideas. I can't see Ash using an Empoleon and giving someone a Gastrodon in a race would be just plain unfair. XD And Phione... I don't hafta say anything there. I guess we'll just have to wait for the surprise.
    Are there any water types that we haven't seen yet?(except Gastrodon)

    EDIT: Wait, Iwane is animating the triathlon episode, right? At least the arc will end with great animation and style.
    Thanks for asking but nope. I'm still sick. The episode seems great though and you were right about the filler person being a girl.
    Well honestly,I didn't like the idea of him getting the Raichu at first but after that scene I changed my mind. Dawn's Grimr seems to be a bit too affectioate=P
    Wait, so you didn't watch the raw back in February?

    Well, I watched the dub now and it was great. This battle is one of the reasons why Buizel is my favourite pokemon on Ash's current team.

    EDIT: So the Pokemon Sunday preview basically confirms that Ash does get Raichu eh?
    Nope. Haven't seen the dub yet. I probably won't be able to see it until this evening. But I remember it was an intense battle. Its my favourite Sinnoh episode so far.
    Good ideas. All I want is for Brock to catch a Shieldon. (If the writers can trust him with more than 3 pokes that is). And I had Chimchar to evolve somewhere around where we are now but I'm not sure anymore.
    Yea, you're right. Four episodes in a row are gona be awesome. Especially since this arc seems so great. I hope Dp 92's title gets revealed soon.
    Well, I'm not sure. I think its a guy, but if he is he sure looks girly...I think its great that Swinub knows Dig as well. Too bad it seems to know Ice Beam from the movie summaries... I'm tired of that move(except when Buneary uses it). And yea I hope that Chimchar sees Monferno and gets inspired to become one.
    Wow, this episode was surprisingly awesome. When was the last time most of the Pokemon on the main team got to do so much battling? Great episode! Well next week, the Monferno seems like its someone elses but hey the arc still seems like it'll be awesome.
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