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  • Hey, did you read the movie summay over at Serebii? I now its just a summary but I'll be disappointed if all Regigigas gets to do is stop a glacier. And darn, Dialga got away. I had my fingers crossed on Giratina eating it. lol.
    This summer school mini-arc seems really interesting. I chose Chimchar to evolve on the way to Celestic Town, so if it does I'll be happy. And the movie is in a few days. I hope it'll be great.
    I'm hoping its a random pokemon. That way, hopefully someone bonds close enough with theirs and it wants to come along with them. I never expected Conway again so that makes the episode even more awesome.
    Yea, I heard of that title. I sounded weird but from the description i think its gonna be awesome! What do you think?
    Oh, ok. Well ave you seen the episode. It wasn't exciting but it wasn't boring either. I liked it. It had some funny parts like Jessie screamig off James' head, James not caring about the motto, Piplup hurting itself trying to attack TR and Piplp going to congratulate Buneary while Bneary ignores it and hugs Pikachu instead.
    Btw, do you know about this whole Kadabra thing? I mean , I understood how Jynx could have caused a problem but I don't see how Kadabra could offend anyone.
    Oh yea. I forgot bout the eye candy thing. I chuckled at that when I read it. Well the ep is tomorrow and it doesn't seem like anything important will happen in it but I'm hoping for at least 1 major event. Do you think that the reason that Buneary is getting so much screentime compared to before is because the writers are building up for its happiness evolution?
    Sorry for taking so long to answer you but I (along with alot of other BMG members)had some login problems. Yup, I read the interviews and I found them very interesting. It was kinda disappointing to know that Ho-oh is just used to get Ash moving and thats all but its nice to know that Ash does have a dad and there's a possibility that we may see him in the distant future. From the 2nd interview it was nice to know why they had dropped Brock in th OI and also why the GS ball was just left with Kurt. It kinda pained me to hear that Piplup is there because they think its cute and its evolved forms are uglier. It makes me wonder if it'll ever evolve. Also now we know that Ash will never become 11. lol. So that about sums up what I think. Your thoughts?
    Well at the end both Buneary and Lopunny were jumping and then kicking at someone/thing. It could be Bounce but I'm hoping that Buneary learned Jump Kick from that Lopunny.
    Oh, and btw, we kow for sure now that there'll be a contest in Celestic. I like Dawn and all but I want her to lose in the final match with her new Swinub against Jessie and Yanmega. That way, it'll be understandable since Dawn was using a new pokemon and Jessie can get ribbon no. 2. yay! (i hope that ur not a hardcore dawn fan or anything)
    Yea, i just watched 'em. The Swinub one was okay but not really exciting. I like Swinub's cheerful and gluttonous attitude. The Gligar one was better. Gliscor still has its sticking-out tongue quirk(yay). Gary basically did nothing. A big plus for sseing Yanmega in both episodes(i think it might know Silver Wind now.)
    Yeah, it seems so. I hope it doesn't give up its life tryting to save everyone. I just hope that Zero is defeated and Gratna calms down(though i wouldn't mind if it killed/ate Dialga before it calmed down.) lol.
    I'm excited for it too! I just hope its not one that has things popping up and eating the main chars like movies 6 and 8. I don't really like things like that
    Yup, it seems like its taking forever for tomorrow to come but I think the eps will be worth the wait as well. The movie is the week after the fashion episode and the week before the Psyduck ep.
    I really miss Dustox though.. Yanmega has some big shoes to fill in my eyes. And I really , i mean REALLY hope that Jessie makes it to the GF. I might not seem likely but I'll still hope. Waiting for these episodes seems like its taking 4ever..
    Ah, I see. Well ur right . But I'm hoping for some good things to happen for TR(well atleast Jessie). I wish James could do something useful.
    Thanks! As much as I don't want it to happen, I thin that as soon as Happiny evolves Brock will give to stressed Nurse Joy/ a Joy who has problems at the Poke center but no Chansey.

    What about TR? Do you still think nothing else will happen to their teams?
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