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  • lol. Ok. I'm not a Naruto fan but that Water Pulse did look cool.I think its cool that we have alot of the same ideas for where the evos will take place. What about evolution for the other chars(TR included)?

    Happiny>Chansey(before Canalave)

    Piplup>Prinplup(very close to the GF) This thing HAS to evolve.
    Buneary>Lopunny(right after Hearthome)
    Swinub>Piloswine(on the way to Snowpoint)

    Mime Jr.>Mr.Mime(close to Canalave)

    I want her to catch a Stunky so:
    Stunky>Skuntank(between Snowpoint and Sunnyshore)
    I think the animation was kinda scary. That Quagsire was hideous. My favourite animation from the episode was how Razor Wind looked. Btw, whats a "Rasengan"? Is it the Ice Jet thing?

    Well I really want alot of evolutions and I doubt they'll all happen but here's what I'm hoping for:
    Chimchar>Monferno- Either on the way to Celestic or right after Hearthome(I'm not sure if it'll become Infernape)
    Buizel>Floatzel- Either on the way to Celestic or right after Hearthome(whichever place Chimchar gets Buizel will get the other).
    Staravia> Staraptor- Right after Canalave on the way to Snowpoint
    Turtwig>Grotle- Close to Sunnyshore
    Not an evolution but Egg>Riolu- Right after Canalave
    Riolu>Lucario- Close to the Grand Festival.

    I'll do the other main char's evolutions later but for now what are your views about Ash's evolutions?
    Meh. I guess the episode was alright. Definitely the least exciting and had the worst animation of all the Sinnoh Gym battles but it was still good. I was really disappointed at how little of a fight Gyarados and Quagsire put up. At least the previews for eppys 84 and 85 look promising.
    I hope when i actually get to see this episode its alot better than people are describing it to be... and yes I think that the fantina battle will be one of those really close ones.
    Wow. I can't believe Ash won the battle without loosing any of his pokemon. Buizel really showed his strength here. I guess i liked it.
    Well let's see . For captures;
    Ash- I want him to Oak Gliscor and get Riolu(yup i'm 1 of those people)A completely other random capture wouldn't be too bad as well.
    Brock-I'd like for him to get a Shieldon
    Dawn-Nothing else after Swinub, just evolutions
    Jessie-I know hat TR have reached their limit but I really want Jessie to make it to GF so i want her to catch a Stunky.
    James- A Snover

    My dream team for Ash would be:
    Pikachu(he won't leave it out)
    Charizard(i can't leave him out)
    Floatzel(evolved water type)

    Others that were close to making the cut were Glalie, Swellow, Donphan and the future Infernape and Lucario.
    Yup. I definitely see more Chimchar after the movie. I too see it in Gyms six to eight. I only believe that it'll be the star in gym 6 however because I want Gym 7 to be for Staravia(who I believe will be a Staraptor by then). I know capture speculation threads seem to get out of hand, so I'm asking here, what do you want the main chars(including TR) to catch.
    Well I'm torn between Pikachu and Buizel. i mean Pikachu hasn't starred in a Sinnoh gym so far and I'm tired of people calling Buizel weak when its not. I want Buizel to do some real damage in this gym but from the preview it looks like its getting owned by Floatzel...
    Gligar's personality makes it the cutest Pokemon on the main cast's team IMO. What about the upcomng Pastoria gym battle in a couple of days? How do you want it to go and who do you want to be the star?
    Well. let's see. I think Swinub is better off with Dawn than Brock as i hope he will get a Shieldon. I want Dawn to use it in her next contest in the battle round and lose... so that Jessie can win. Then she can use it in the appeal rounds of the contest after that and win. I also see it evolving into Piloswine near Snowpoint but it'll only become a Mamoswine if Dawn goes to the filler season.

    As for Gliscor, I think it is a great Gligar right now. If I had a choice, I'd evolve another Pokemon of Ash's and leave Gligar as is for now. However, I really like evlutions so I'm happy anyway. I just hope it keeps its quirky personality.
    So, I see you in the Anime section. Tell me,what are your views about Dawn catching Swinub and not Brock and also about Gligar evolving after only 20 eps and losing its only major battle.
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